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I have a large tailbone, have any info?

I wasn't really sure which topic area this would be under... I have a oversized tailbone that sticks out. I'm 18 now and I've had this problem my life.. it bothers me a lot. It doesn't hurt or anything but it is very irritating. I tried to look this up on the internet but couldn't find anyone with the same problem. It seems like I'm the only one that has it. Can someone give me some information about it or tell me if there's anything I can do about it? It's very noticable and I always have to wear a long shirt or a long hoodie to cover it up. Your help would be appreciated :) Thanx
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Hi Have you consulted with your doctor about this problem?You could all so see a orthopedic doctor,about the problem.First consult with your family doctor.Does it cause pain or any problems for you at all?This will be the first thing the doctors will ask be honest if it does or doesn't.You should never have any kind of surgery on your body unless it is nessesary.Take care TNT406.
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Does it have extra flesh or fat like a false tail or just very bony and sticks out?

If it its the latter and not causing you symptoms I wouldn't worry about it too much but would get an x-ray just in case to rule out any type of growth. (This would be very very rare and I wouldn't lose to much sleep over it unless it is causing you pain or discomfort).

Just discuss it with a doctor and see what he thinks. Odds are you notice it more then anyone else.
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Hi Linsey,
Can I ask you, what do you mean by your tailbone "sticks out"? Do you mean that your behind is very curvey when you look at it from the side? Like a J-Lo butt? Well, I can give you the skeleton makeup reason for it.  If you don't have a growth on the tailbone or in the soft tissue area around the tailbone, if you don't have a birth defect, and if you've never broken the tailbone which could malform it, then this is probably what you're seeing. Maybe you already know this, but I'll tell you what I know.
I'm a radiology technologist. In lay term, I'm an x-ray tech. This is something I never knew or never thought about until I took a couple of anatomy classes in college. Everyone's tailbone, or the sacrum and coccyx in medical terms, is curved. Some more that others. And some tailbones are bigger that others. Usually women's tailbones are curvier than men's. That's why a lot of female butts are more shapely than males. Especially from the side view. So when you see a person, male or female, who have a "flat" butt, it's just because his or her tailbone is not as curved as someone with a J-Lo butt. See what I mean?
Pretty simple right?!
So, the soft tissue (fat and muscle) of the behind, the pelvis, and the hips have to do with how big the behind is, from the front view and the side view. And the tailbone has to do with how curvey (from the side view) the behind is.
But please Linsey, if you think there could be a problem, like a growth or something, get it checked out by your doctor.
And remember, most women would love to have a J-Lo butt!!
Good luck,

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I also have an irregular tailbone. It doesn't cause pain but is and always has been a cosmetic issue. My tailbone doesn't stick out as much as it curves to the left. It creates an almost crooked butt crack effect. Does anyone know whether that can be fixed through some kind of surgery?
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Hi Davidsgirl,
It almost sounds like you have some scoliosis of the tailbone. Do you know what that is? In case you don't, scoliosis is a curve in one's spine, side to side. If a person had a curve in the spine forward, it would be called kyphosis (hunch back). Scoliosis is an s-curve. And since the tailbone is part of the spine, I don't see why a person can't have scoliosis down there. I can see where that would cause a "crooked butt crack look". Maybe that's what Linsey was trying to say, and I missed it.
My daughter and my brother has scoliosis.  Their spines have a pretty good s-shape to them. One part of the s is in the upper back between the shoulder blades, and the other part of the s is in the lower part of the back, the lumbar back. You know, the small of the back. So the front of their ribs stick out more on one side than the other. And one hip is higher than the other. My daughter always hated that when she was in school. Now it doesn't bother her as much (she's 20 now). I've heard it can happen with the tailbone too.
If I were you, I'd go to an orthopedic doctor and see what he or she had to say. He can tell you if anything can be done.
Good luck!!
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If indeed it is scoliosis, there are many exercises that can be done to help. Chiropractic can also help. Scoliosis, from what I have read can eventually lead to some health issues later in life. Definitely get it checked out.
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Thanx for all your help, I don't think it's anything to worry about since there's no growth or anything, i'll just have to live with it
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i have the same issue and i have been searching for 10 years  it sounds funny to those who dont know but i want to see if it can be sawn off or somethng as i cant sit straight on it or ona  hard surface, i was military and couldnt do a sit up  , it casues me paid and gets cut and sore, pleas ehelp... if you have found anything please reply
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I have this problem, too. But I never noticed it much until I got pregnant. Then it really became painful to sit on anything even remotely firm. It's not been so bad since I had the baby, but it still hurts pretty good from time to time, especially if I sit on something hard. And MINE, I don't know about the other girls, but mine is definitely not J-LO. This is above my butt, at the base of my spine. There is a knot that sticks out. It just feels like bone. Does anyone know how to tell if there is a growth or if it's abnormal?
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i have the same thing. i am 16 and it just feels like a bone but it doesn't cause me pain or anything either. it bothers me that i cant do a sit up and things like that too and i never could find any info on it, and i wasnt sure if i should tell my doctor since its not a problem but its deff great to know im not the only one with this.
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i am a 35 yr old who KNOWS exactly what you are talking about!!!! believe me i have been there done that!!! the embarrassment of taking public showers in gym class, hidding your back side for fear of someone noticing, avoiding bending over because it sticks out too much etc. i have been researching this for nearly 30 years with the help of some family in the early years. i was once asked if i wanted it removed, but as a child was too afraid. now i am searching desprately to find a doc who can do the needed sugery here in arizona.

if you want to talk to someone who knows what you are talking about, please email me anytime.  ms.***@****
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Hi glad i found some other people with the same problem.  I have jus recently lost about 4 stone in weight and have discovered a very uncomfortable and protruding 'bailbone'.  I find it awkward to sit down to lay down flat in bed and i can always feel it, its horrible and i hate it and cannot imagine having to rearrange my butt cheeks every time for the rest of my life.  Going to visit a doctor to see if anything cn be done or help it as i dont want to develop any pain in it.  Failing that might have to put on a few pounds to give a bit more 'cushion'!!!  Sarah, Essex, UK.
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