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I have a sharp pain in lower vagina , cannot walk without being in excurciating pain

About 3 days ago , i was getting very bad cramps & within the same day i got a very sharp pain right below my vagina hole more to the left side , and the very bottom of my left bum cheek when i touch it or put pressure on it its hurts alot . I have taken hot baths , showers , i dont know what to do , im starting to get worried because its causing my whole upper left leg pain , every time i take a step i feel the sharp pain . I realized it might be inside of my actual vagina hole yesterday by trying to feel where the pain was exactly coming from , when i put my finger in , and put it towards the left i could barely cope with the pain , when i sit a certain way , it does not hurt . Its the most painful when standing up & walking
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Get to your gyn asap.  You need to be treated for this, whatever it is.
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You need to see a gynecologist right away.  It sounds like you have an infected cyst or gland that needs draining.  You will probably need antibiotics also.  These things happen.  It may burst if you don't get it treated, and then you'll have a mess.  
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