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I have a very large mass on my labia majora pushing up into my mons pubis?!

I have a very large mass on my labia majora pushing up into my mons pubis?! It’s agony and about the size of a walnut. I have pain radiating up over my mons pubis and down into the left part of my throwing... I also have a rare disease called Behcet’s, Behcet’s can cause lesions and sores on your genitals but what ever this ‘walnut’ is isn’t like any lesion I’ve had before. I can’t sit and walking is uncomfortable.. called gp today and she’s away and only a male gp available and to embarrassed to go :(
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You know, I had a female doctor (ob/gyn) and she had a baby so I had to go to her partner, a male.  At first, I felt uncomfy but he was fantastic.  They are doctors and this is not new to them. They deal with our 'stuff' all day, male or female and that male doctor gave me excellent care. Don't be embarrassed. Although, I'd almost think that an ob/gyn would be a better doctor for this.  Do you have one of those?  If not, search a lady ob/gyn (gynecologist) and make an appointment!  good luck
Thanks for your comment, I plucked up the courage to see a gp today who then sent me urgently to the ob/gyn with a letter to be seen today. Turns out it’s a vulva / labia majora abscess :( none of them could believe I’d coped with the pain and size of it for a week. It had to be incised today and drained. It’s left a 2.5 x 3 inch cavity and the surgeons could see it’s was tracking up my stomach and across to my hip. I’m so
Stupid to have left it so long. IV antibiotics are up and I’ve got to stay in hospital for a few days. I just want to say thanks for your comment, if you hadn’t made me see sense and I’d left it a few days the surgeon confirmed I’d have has sepsis, so thank you! Xx
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