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I have abnormal discharge..what should I do?

I've had abnormal discharge for going on two years now. I've been diagnosed with bv, then a yeast infection, then another yeast infection, then both a yeast infection and bv at the same time, then another yeast infection. I cannot afford to keep going back to the doctor. I just can't afford it anymore. The symptoms have never, not once, let up. I've changed my diet. I've changed my lifestyle. I've taken the medicines I've been prescribed. I've tried so many natural remedies. I've looked into vaginal discharge problems and the closest thing I've found to what I'm experiencing is an overgrowth of the lactobacilli (cytolytic vaginosis). The doctor couldn't even figure that one out. The only remedy I found for that problem is baking soda. I started taking baths every other day with baking soda and the problem started to finally let up. I'd have a day or two max no symptoms. I'm still taking the baths and I think I'm getting a yeast infection. I have a fluconazole tablet on hand but I'm so scared to take it if it kills all the good bacteria too and the lactobacilli overgrowth happens again. If I take it and do a baking soda bath like everyday will that help/work? Should I take the tablet? Should I try natural remedies first to see if I can shake it? What if it isn't even a yeast infection and it's normal discharge? It's been so long since I've seen that I don't think I even remember what that's like. Or it could be bv. The discharge now is white, watery/gooey, smells off (between fishy and minerally), and dries chalky. I'm already behind in doctors bills and have been dealing with this for almost two years. I don't know what to do.
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So, are you having traditional symptoms of yeast such as itching and discomfort?  You aren't just getting discharge, right?  I had a yeast infection out of nowhere this past weekend and hadn't had one in years.  Shocked!  And I was reminded how uncomfortable that is!  I used the one day Monostat ovule and it worked overnight.  Good the next day.  Have you tried that?  But then why do you keep getting them.  Some women do right after their period, they have a chronic yeast situation.  Other people pass it back and forth (yes, yeast) between themselves and their partner.  Their partner should also take the anti fungal medication in that situation.  Probiotic supplements are helpful. I'm assuming you know better than douching.  BV, ugh. That's resilient.  It does take some women a good long time to get rid of it fully and again, this can be passed between partners.  If it were me, I'd wait a day and see what transpires.  You also don't want to over treat. Women HAVE discharge.  It's the other symptoms that make it a problem such as itching, swelling, pain, or that really bad smell.  Discharge can just smell a bit from time to time too.  So, wait to see and then if it goes the route of being a yeast infection, treat it with your anti fungal tabs.  good luck
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Well, then, google cervical mucus and its changes. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that yours is normal. It doesn't sound like you have BV now, which has a pretty distinct profile including a horrible smell after your period. If you did get BV more than once, it could have come from a partner if he didn't get treated along with you. But as I said, it doesn't sound like that is going on.

As women get older, their milky/watery secretions can have a slightly fishy smell, it has to do with the thinning of the vaginal walls, I think. Maybe that is why this doesn't seem usual. But frankly, it sounds pretty usual.

Track your cervical mucus, if you have the eggwhite kind at mid-cycle you're probably right on track and normal.
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You guys might be right, it's not uncomfortable or itchy anymore so it might be normal discharge and I'm just not used to it anymore so any discharge whatsoever freaks me out. I'll wait a bit to see where this goes. Thanks for the input!
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