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I have no appetite and I’m constantly nauseous. Weed related?

I have been having stomach issues lately, these include pains in the upper abdomen as well as constant nausea throughout the day, severe lack of appetite and more trips to the washroom than normal. Lately discoloured-almost green but I know I haven’t been eating green things- and not very solid.
I very often don’t eat all day until around dinner time and this is after I have smoked weed. I force myself to drink a protein shake every morning so I don’t pass out at work, but I’m never hungry at all - and physically can’t eat because of the nausea - unless I’ve been smoking weed.
I’m not sure if this has something to do with smoking itself or if smoking just helps me eat and this is an unrelated issue?
I’ve been randomly throwing up as well, I will get sick every 2-3 months for 1-2 days since last summer-ish and I’ll be throwing up, feel completely exhausted and need to sleep all day, having to miss work, and then the next day or 2 after, I’m completely fine.
I went to the doctor about this and they did a few tests and said that it was due to stress, nothing physically wrong. But this feels like something more than stress. I am on meds for anxiety and depression but the meds work, I’m not THAT stressed on a daily basis, but I have no appetite and am nauseous on a daily basis.
I’m wondering if there are maybe some things the doctor may have overlooked and not tested for? I read some stuff about maybe having an issue with my gallbladder?
I’m just worried, please help.
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It could be any number of things.  Since you are worried it might be weed related, what about testing it and go for at least one full week with no weed.  Remember, while people seem to want to brush this under the carpet, weed is still a drug and we still can be dependent on it and have side effects from it.  If you can only eat WiTH it, I'd train yourself to live without it so you can just be 'normal' or not depend on a substance to do things that are just parts of life.   That's just my opinion though.  Do you suffer anxiety?  Anxiety can cause physical symptoms, mental hang ups and situations that are hard.  You say you are on meds . .  do you feel they are working?  What medications do you take?  The funny thing too about eating is that when we don't do it, our blood sugar drops. This makes us nauseated!  That's a sign for some people of low blood sugar.  If they eat, they feel better.  Does your nausea go away once you eat?  My experience with gallbladder is that pain is involved.  Usually higher up in the abdomen.  It never hurts to continue telling your doctor and perhaps they will look deeper. But try the test to see if you eliminate weed and still force yourself to eat if you can get back on track. good luck
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