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I have not pooped in a week

I am a 21 year old female. I haven't pooped in about a week. I am having anxiety now because I am scared, yesterday I made myself poop even though I didn't feel like I needed to, but only little chunks came out pebble like. I was in there for about 30 minutes and only a little bit came out, like 3 pebble pieces. I drink a lot of water, eat a lot of vegetables like broccoli, a lot of spinach, bananas and apples. I also exercise everyday. I went to the clinic yesterday but they gave me miraLAX. I took it yesterday and today but I don't feel a change, I have only been passing gas. I haven't been feeling nauseous but have been having some cramps but I thought it could be because of pms since my period is almost here. When should I go to the hospital?.
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I guess in your position I would go to the doctor tomorrow, and explain that you seem to actually have a blockage and not just something Miralax will address. There is such a thing as having your colon emptied, this might be what you need. At the very least, your doctor should be ordering some kind of imaging (X-ray or maybe MRI) to see what the problem is.
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(By "having your colon emptied," I mean they basically clean it out at the hospital while you're knocked out.)
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So, this does happen and has happened to me. Constipation is not super fun.  It's uncomfortable for sure but does happen.  I also have a son with severe constipation at times. A recommendation we received from our doctor is to drink one full cup of grape juice a day.  This definitely helps.  another recommendation to take seriously is probiotics. My son started drinking one active probiotic yogurt drink (bought prepackaged in any dairy department) a day and it keeps him going.  You can take a supplement probiotic, use another one of the drinks or yogurts, etc. for this.  It really helps with gut health.  Another recommendation, lots of water.  The bowel needs fluid to keep it running.

You can use a regular enema (which is pretty much all the hospital does, been there with my son) at home if you feel you need help moving it out.  Fleet is a brand that is common.  Don't get into any type of situation where you regularly use laxatives as that increases the issue in the long run.  You likely have a school clinic?  Maybe check in there for help too.

So, you also mention anxiety.  Is this an ongoing thing or situational?
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