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I have white bumps

I have like white bumps all around inside my vagina lips and around the top of my clit and I’m 14 what do I do I’m so scared I have herpes
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Have you ever had any sexual activity?

White bumps can be something called Fordyce spots, which are oil glands and are perfectly normal. You need them.

Herpes are blisters, not white spots. Genital warts, which are caused by HPV, can be white spots, but you have to have some kind of sexual contact to get those, like having someone else rub their genitals against yours without clothes on, or having actual sex.

If you haven't done those things, it can't be herpes or warts.
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Like they don’t pop and are kinda itchy like they are tiny
Have you had any sexual activity? How long have you had them?
No I haven’t had sex
They look abit like  fordyce  spots
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