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I havent get my period late for 7days

Ive never done any sexual intercourse in my life ever just dry humping with fully clothes on ( jeans , thick joggers and that was online for a bit je 2mins acc. ) but i didnt get my period yet and it has been stressing me out because i dont have any physical contact with penis , im a woman btw. I already got my pms symptoms showing such as diarrhea , bloated , gassy , period cramps but why is my period still delaying ? im worried and need reassurance please help.
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Sounds like your period is just late. It can happen. Did it arrive today?
havent arrive yet , im being too paranoid bc my period always come on time ..
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Your activity would not result in pregnancy, so that isn't a worry.  A penis needs to go into the vagina for pregnancy to occur and don't do that unless you have a condom!  Use those each and every time.

Periods are late for lots of reasons. Here is a short list that doesn't capture everything but includes being stressed, having a change in your routine (like summer starting), illness, losing or gaining weight, shifts in hormones that happen periodically.  

Being late happens to every woman. Even if it isn't your norm, it can happen.  And this won't be the last time.  Try not to worry especially if there is no chance of pregnancy such as in your situation.  Doctors like women to have a period at least once every three months.  Some girls are really that irregular that this is their situation.  That often warrants going on the pill to regulate your period.  But just being 7 days late or a couple of weeks is not to that point.  If it keeps happening, then talk to your doctor.  

good luck
yeah maybe im ill bc i had asthma attack like super bad for two days. and also stressing out about some stuff. and im pretty sure there’s no way im pregnant bc it’s so stupid if i get pregnant from foreplay and im being super cautious whether my boyfriend got *** anywhere or not.

but im worried about my boobs like the pregnancy symptoms about my boobs is a bit scary how it got heavier and got this one time my right nipple stings but my left boob was completely fine.

maybe im overthinking about it too much and have imaginary pregnancy symptoms but i feel i need more reassurance ;(
btw im late for 16days now.
I have to be honest that I really believe you are overreacting.  Simple hormonal issues can cause breast tenderness.  You did nothing that would result in getting pregnant.  Really, truly.  
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