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I need serious help please!!

Hello, thank you for reading this,

I have had this problem for over a year. I am a teenager.
I don't know if it is to do with too much moisture or it is a fungal problem(I don't think so) .
My vagina get very, very itchy. I have tried to stop itching but I cannot. Always after itching my vagina is raw and very sore. It is sore to walk and very painful to urinate. I also get like little tears between the labium major a and the labium minor. These took several days to heal. When the sore itchy patches start to heal I am left with scabby, dry skin. Which isn't nice to look at.
Thank-you so much for looking at my question.  
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I've had issues with  dry flaky labia and my gyno did an exam and said it was excema. I didn't know it could effect down there till he told me that but it can! He then went on to suggest ways to treat the tears, he suggested that I use a moisturizer down there the one he recommended was crisco (the vegetable kind). Yes,I know it sounds gross and far fetched but it really works! Try it and it should help you.
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have you never seen a doctor about this problem? It very well could be an infection. It could be a yeast infection or and STI if you are sexually active. You should go to the doctor ASAP to have it checked.
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