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I need your help

I need your help.

For around 2 months I have had a central lower abdomen pain (around my uterus) that I had just passed off as cramps. On friday morning, I woke up and was in pain. I had a sharp stabbing pain in my left and right lower abdomen that was making me cry. I went to the doctors that afternoon, who sent me to the hospital with suspected appendicitis. My blood test came back and was clear. The hospital told me to contact my gp and get a referral to gynaecology.

Throughout the weekend the pain got worse. I started getting these stabbing pains that’d make me cry my eyes out and literally scream in pain. They last about 5-10 minutes and I get them around 3 times a day.

On monday I got in touch with the gp. However, this doctor gave me mefanamic acid co-codamol, but no referral. Both of those drugs were not successful in relieving pain. On wednesday I got in touch with another doctor who wanted to see me. She examined me and got my vitals etc. And phoned the gynaecology ward at my hospital who said to do a referral. However, if I had anymore stabbing pains that make me cry to go straight to hospital.

Wednesday evening I got the stabbing pains again. I went to hospital. The gynaecologist came to see me and said I would need a scan the next day because something obviously was not right. I have stayed in hospital overnight and a new gynaecologist came to see me this morning. After asking near to no questions he claimed it was just my period. However, I do not know one person who has their period for 16 days (still going) with such severe pain around their ovaries. He wants to send me home and do an ultrasound scan as an outpatient.

My problem is not fixed. I am still in undeniable pain that is getting worse. I need help and I have no clue who to get it from because no one is listening!

I’m on my period (on day 16), I also take the cerazette tablets in order to make my periods lighter as I used to struggle badly with the heaviness.

My cousin has been diagnosed with endometriosis and my older sister is on her way to be possibly diagnosed with it.

I don’t know what to do, and I need help!
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If you are still in the hospital, ask for an ultrasound now, and an MRI of the abdomen.
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If you're still in the hospital, they should be able to schedule you for what you need for a diagnosis while you're there. If you get back to your own doctor and are not dealing with just some resident that wants to get you out of his hair, tell your doc that you're concerned about endometriosis and wonder if you need more than an MRI for a diagnosis (laparoscopy is often done to visualize what is going on). The hospital resident's indifference is almost criminal -- if doctors in your part of the world are impressed by threats of malpractice suit, I wouldn't hesitate to make such a threat.
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It’s very likely you have endometriosis. Only very advanced stages of the disease can be diagnosed through imaging. You must be diagnosed laparoscopically. I was told I didn’t have it for 17 years until I saw a urogynecologist (not an obgyn) and this doctor explained to me how endometriosis has to be properly diagnosed. It’s also worth visiting an Interventional radiologist to make sure you don’t have any vascular issues such as pelvic congestion syndrome and or renal nutcracker syndrome.  Please keep In mind gynecologists cannot treat or diagnose pelvic congestion syndrome. You must see an interventional radiologist as it’s a vascular issue. Also see if you can get treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor therapy is critical for us who have painful periods and cramps as it’s causes many issues with the pelvic floor. This goes overlooked by many Doctors unfortunately. Sadly most women take more than 10 years of suffering before they get the right treatment.
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