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I really need ur help ..it's about a whitish jelly substance coming out of my vigina

I'm currently 18 but it's been 5 years since I strated to see white  jelly thing coming out of my body through my vigina and recently it smells very pungent and is making my underpant socked...I'm really afraid to tell my mom or doctor about this what should I do.... ur answer is really very important for me pls tell me ...what should i do??
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All women have discharge and it can change consistency, etc. and it's not supposed to be something scary or embarrassing.  Our hormones can change things or we can have yeast overgrowth or bacterial issues or fungal issues.  Not a woman on this planet gets out of having these things from one time or another.  So, being scared or embarrassed is not needed here.  When you say you can smell it, does it stink?  Like a foul odor?  That's a sign of bacterial vaginosis.  This can happen to anyone with or without sex.  It thrives on dark, damp areas that lack air so damp, wet panties can create the perfect environment.  It requires antibiotics to treat it.  Doctor takes a look and swabs it.  Discharge for this though is usually grey and watery.  Yeast infections can have a little bit of a yeasty smell but usually itch like crazy.  Discharge is white and clumpy.  A doctor can swab and treat or you try over the counter medication.  But you don't sound like this is that because you don't itch.  Otherwise, the discharge a woman has can be thicker at times, jelly like, goopy and have a slight odor and be perfectly normal as the hormones shift.  Some women even can tell where they are at in their monthly cycle by their discharge changes.  So, not sure if that answers your question but women do need to get over being embarrassed and charge of their health.  No vagina or issues going on with it is new to a doctor.  :>)  They see if day in and day out.  Are you sexually active?
No I have never have sex before I'm virgin  ... it doesn't itch but it is milky white ...is there any possibility that it could be other than yeast infection and bacteroal vaginosis ?
If it doesn't smell terrible/foul and it doesn't itch, it's probably normal discharge.  Try not to worry or analyze it too much.
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