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I was treated for BV but symptoms still exist. What else could this be?

I'm a 39-year-old female with only one partner (my husband). After my recent period I noticed I had a brown, foul smelling discharge. I was on vacation so called my GYN who suspected I had bacterial vaginosis (BV). She prescribed me a 5 day course of metronidazole gel, which I just completed. The smell seems mostly better, but the discharge is still fairly significant (enough that I need to wear a sanitary pad) and I'm concerned that the symptoms haven't gone away after treatment. The doctor's office isn't open for another 2 days because of the holiday weekend. Does anyone know if it's normal for BV to be resistant to metronidazole? Or is there something else this could be? Aside from smell and brown discharge, my urine has appeared cloudy at times, though not always. Thank you!
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Hello.  Good times, right?  Ugh.  BV is hard to totally eradicate. If you were just diagnosed over the phone, I'd go to the doctor and get swabbed to make sure you have BV.  But if it is indeed BV, it's not unusual to be difficult to fully go away.  Your husband may need to be treated too as partners can pass it back and forth.  Both getting treated at the same time helps combat this.  But I think you need to see your doctor again.  The discharge being brown is a bit unusual unless you are spotting.  Are you positive it isn't a tampon left in you which can also cause a terrible odor and brown to black discharge?  Anyway, see your doctor for follow up.  good luck
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Did your husband get treated at the same time?  Had you had sex with him during the time you had the discharge or once you began the gel?
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