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I'm so spacey and stressed out. So I'm 16 and so is my boyfriend and I was wondering can I get pregnant? A few days before I was on my period. I won't have sex such as intercourse till much older but fingering and such is another option. So he jerked off a bit then came. I went to get him some tissues and gave them to him. He said he wiped his hands off really good. Then waited probably a minute or two before, you know, fittling my clit he begun to fingering me. So I was wondering can that dry *** get me pregnant? I'm stressing out so bad. Please tell me. I'M BEGGING YOU.
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No. You're fine
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Hi honey,
Sperm can survive in semen outside of the vagina for a few hours. If his hands were completely dry, you would not get pregnant. Even if there was the teeniest bit of semen on his fingers, the sperm inside would probably not survive the journey all the way up to your cervix. You would also have to be ovulating for any sperm to fertilize an egg. If it was a few days before your period, you were far beyond that time frame.
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Hi there.  You can not get pregnant from what you describe.  Vaginal intercourse is how someone gets pregnant, not from fingering or dry humping.  good luck
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