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Hello I a a bit worried I have had an IUD for 3yrs now starting to read things I didnt even know..  I did y monthly feel for my string and its no were to be felt like no were..  Its hurting really bad during intercourse its like burning I no I have no std or anything like that I have one significant other and thats it..  Also I had a crampy feeling that last couple days and a little discharge..  So I did my monthly check and nothing, I'm scared not too mention my body's kinda achy and the only other time it felt like that during intercourse I was prego..  Could this IUD could of cause a cyst and thats why it hurts or is there a chance I could be prego anyone ever been through this?  Let me know please..
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I didnt have any problems with my IUD but if you cant find the string you should call your doctor.  It may not be placed correctly and at that point you could fall pregnant with it in if its not placed right.  As far as cysts go when i had mine removed the dr did mention that IUDs can cause cysts and can be painful,  I would say just follow up with your dr to be sure.. hope this helps a little try not to worry.
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i had the same thing with my iud. had it 3 yrs and got a painful burning during sex and then it stayed for a while when i went to the doc i found out by an ultrasound that i had a cyst. after that i read on this site that the mirena can cause cysts. a cyst can mimic pregnancy. some symptoms are the same and at first  i thought i was pregnant but i wasnt.
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