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IUD questions

Anyone have an IUD..  I am thinking about getting one inserted, but  not sure about side effects or how it makes people feel.  Any comments or answers appreciated!  Thanks.
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I had Mirena and loved it. No side effects and I was able to get pg right away once it was removed. Go to www.mirena.com and read up on it. Also, ask your porovider if you are a good candidate It is a highly effective form of birthcontrol with minimal side effects.
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i had mirena also, but unfortunatly didnt have a good experience with it, i had bad period cramps the entire 10 months i had it in, the doctor kept saying it would eventually go away, but i started to have extremly painful side pains, i again told the doc, he said it wasnt the IUD, side pain continued and final i insited it be taken out, doctor couldnt find the strings and found out it had been in crooked and poking me in my side the whole time, not fun, also i have heard it causes many women to gain a lot of weight, but many people have no complications, just do your research and be sure its for you, if you choose to go with the IUD i hope you hae a good experience
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I've had the paragard iud for about 9 1/2 years. There isn't any hormones inpregnated in this one. I have frequent migraines and couldn't use bcp's any longer and had a bad experience with depo-provera(bleeding all of the time).  I actually love it, it has to be taken out soon and I truly don't know what I'm going to use or if I can get another one. It was a bit uncomfortable on insertion because I have a retroverted (tipped) uterus and the cervix had to be pulled up to visualize the opening for insertion, but the procedure was very quick. I did have some cramping for a couple days, the first being the worse. But, I would recommend it to anyone. Best wishes on your decision.
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I had the mirena iud for 6 months and it was a nightmare for me. I had horrible acne when I hadn't had any before that. Bloating, severe moodiness and I bled the whole time. I was a wreck. The doctor disagreed with me that all of my symptoms were due to the mirena but I insisted on having it taken out. That same day I got the copper iud without hormones and I loved it! I had it for over 3 years and had it removed to become pregnant. I highly recommend the non hormone copper iud. I'll get that again after I have my baby. Good luck!
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I've had this IUD for a little over 3 years now. At first I bled horribly for about the first 2 months...it was horrible...I would go through whole packs of feminine napkins in two days...and I'd start bleeding at different times.... but after that all passed it became normal!

The bleeding is now normal...nothing unusual or strange...no pain...nothing...so it's great now!

I'd have it done again! Sure the bleeding at first was horrible...but a few months for 10 years of not worrying about getting pregnant is worth it for me!!! Once its time to take this one out, I'll get another one!!!!

By the way: I did consult my doctor about he initial obsessive bleeding and it is a normal side effect of this device. It usually subsides after a while...as it did me!!
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I know this is a crazy question but what if my man has a large penis will he feel the string? And I am also curious if this will mean there may be a bigger chance of it becoming embedded in my tissue lining? Some please help because I would Love to have an IUD but am scared.

Also I am curious which is a better one copper or hormones, I hate the bcp's and would love some feedback.
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