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I was hoping I could get some feedback from women who have or are currently using an IUD.  I have been on oral contraceptive for 2 years and had to go off it for some other medical problems.  I likely have a pituitary tumor and cannot risk getting pregnant (as much as my husband and I want to) before the MRI or during the course of the treatment.  My endocrinologist thinks and IUD would be my best bet... any info you could provide me with on the placement and how you like it would be great.

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I do not recommend the Mirena IUD. i personally had one and was very unhappy with it. please do research on your own and make a good decision. don't let the dr convince you to get mirena since many are recieving kick backs from the manufacturer/
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I had the IUD put in and had it for about 10 months. I had horrible abdominal pains that i ignored for a long time. It's not worth having those kinds of pain and messing things up in that area. I got my IUD removed because we wanted to have another baby, and it resulted in a miscarriage. My OB said it was from my IUD. I do not recommend this and have several friends that have tried it and had no success. Ask your doctor for another options. THere's others out there that won't cause so many problems. Good luck!
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Thanks for the responses.  I am hoping someone can help me with alternatives for contraception without hormones.  My husband and I make love almost daily.  Condoms bother me with that frequent of use... cause vaginal irritation.  

I don't want my medical condition to take away the one thing that is really amazing in my life... intamacy with my husband. :-(
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