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If I get a emergency morning afternoon pill does It work

I had sex on Sunday and now it’s Wednesday. I got an emergency morning after pill from my pharmacy  but I only took half of the pill. I don’t think my boyfriend cummed inside me but I’m not asking him if he did or not , do you think the pill will still work if he did *** inside me?
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Well, you do have to follow directions when you take the morning after pill. You have to take the whole pill within 72 hours after the event for it to be effective. So, unfortunately, you took enough hormones with half the pill to make your period/cycle irregular but not enough to stop a pregnancy.  The penis emits small amounts of sperm even before ejaculation so sperm was inside your vagina.  Did it get you pregnant?  Hopefully not but you will have to test 2.5 weeks after it happened to know for sure.  Thinking it probably didn't but there is no way of knowing until then.  Good luck and let us know!
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