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If I'm pregnant should I take provera 10 mg?


I have already missed 2 periods. I went to the doctor and took a blood test that came out negative.  My doctor thinks I'm not pregnant. She gave me a  prescription for provera 10 mg.
I'm afraid because I had all the pregnancy symptoms and suspected pregnancy.
I've already taken 2 pills. what  if i'm really pregnant what can happen to the baby?

Please let me know if you had a similar situation or know anything about it.


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Your doctor gave you Provera to make you have a period.  

I think the test is correct.  If you've missed two periods and then took a blood test at the doc's office then you can be about 99.9% sure that you are not pg.

Now, you will take the Provera and you will have a period after you finish taking all your pills.  

To fully answer your question though, if by some crazy chance you are pg, then Provera would cause a miscarriage.  But again, being that you've been to the doctor and they tested you, it's about 99.9% sure you're not pg.

Good luck!
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Another thing....again, I'm sure you're not pg, BUT if you were then if the Provera didn't cause a miscarriage then it puts your baby at an increased risk of birth defects.

Why do you still think you are pg even after a negative blood test?
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I missed one or two pills and had unprotected sex with my husband.

I felt really sick before I missed my period. I had dizzness nausea. I still have sometimes. I also have pain on my back and at the low abdomen. I could be pregnant or couldn't.

Thank you for your comments!
I appreciate that!!

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hello .i thought i was pregnant a month ago after no af since august 6th. the pregnancy tests were negative and dr tested for thyroid problems and for pcos because they also could cause me to miss af. he put me on 20 mg provera for 7 days to start af and 2 days after last pill i had af start.i see a dr on monday about thyroid because it came back high so i think they will have to put me on med for it.but you sound like i did .i had symptoms of pregnancy also and i was worried because i had my tubes tied in march of this yr.you should be fine .good luck.
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Yes, chrimullins makes a good point - pain in your lower back and abdomin could very well be cysts and could explain why you missed a couple periods.
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And let's not forget that if you're worrying about it and such, you can psychologically cause yourself to have pregnancy symptoms when you're not pregnant or in anything.  I hope everything goes well.
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I'm trying not to think I'm pregnant. Maybe I am worrying too much. I'm taking  provera 10 mg.
Today I'm feeling very sick, nausea and dizzy. I think it's normal and hopefully my period  will come.
I would be happy if I knew I was  pregnant, but now that I'm taking provera I better not be.
Thank you for your comments. I'll let you know how it goes.

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hi im 18 yo and i dont have my mens since 5 mnths i think.and i think im pregnant which i dont want 2 happen but after i had tested myseLf it appeared + and i want 2 take provera so that i can have my  miscarriage. . .does this heLp me in getting rid of the baby??
ls heLp me. . .im stiLL studying and im not yet ready for this it was an accident. . .ls help me
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I'm pregnant took the test and it was positive. I want to know if I take provera if it will make me have a miscarriage.
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no it will not hurt the baby if you are then you will not get a period. it will not hurt the baby at all i am going throw the same thing and i ask my doctor the same thing
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Provera will not cause you to have a miscarriage. People should follow up on information before staring it..
Provera is perfectly safe for use during pregnancy. We use Provera to help prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy and it is usually taken until 12 weeks gestation, when it is stopped because the placenta has formed and the placenta produces enough progesterone to maintain the pegnancy. Years ago, before we had the modern monoclonic pregnancy tests, we used Provera as a pregnancy test. If you did not bleed, you were pregnant.If you bled, you were not pregnant. Provera will cause you to get your period if you have missed your period due to hormonal imbalance. Provera will also stop your bleeding if you have some dysfunctional uterine bleeding (twice a day for five days). During pregnancy, Provera does not cause bleeding.  Provera definitely does NOT cause a miscarriage and is definitely used during pregnancy, expecially if you have a low progesterone level.
so if i am like 2 weeks pregnant and its too soon to tell if i take the provera it will be safe for baby?  just asking bc i been having normal periods and had ewcm with pink blood in it few days afyer period ended just like my last pregnancy.
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first and foremost provera 10mg DOES NOT CAUSE MISCARRAIGE I perscribe it to my patients whom are tryying to concieve . Its a progestin
heres an example....
you get pregnant and it comes back that your progosterone levels are low under 8 your dr. will put you on some sort of progestin to try to bump up your levels and the pills are  usually 60mg or higher .So taking 5- 10- 20mg of provera aka medroxyprogesterone acetate will not do anything.
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