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I'm afraid of pregnancy and STD. What should I do?

Yesterday, I was having fun with a guy. It was my first time and I didn't have experience prior to it.

I helped him put on the the condom, but I accidentally put it on the wrong side. Afterwards, I flipped it over and put the same condom on again. We proceeded to have sex.

After doing it, I was thinking that the condom may have come into contact with his pre-cum. Is there a chance of pregnancy through pre-cum on condom? I heard that the condom lubricant can kill sperm but not sure how true it is.

I am a student and don't wish to get pregnant yet. Should I take birth control pill? I'm also afraid of STD. What should I do?
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What time in your menstrual month are you? You'll only be ovulating for a brief period, and possibly you weren't on those couple of days.
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Hi, you haven't answered, and emergency contraception (the "morning after pill") is only useful in the first 48 hours after the sex. The question I am asking above is to figure out if you would have a risk of pregnancy if any sperm reached you from the inside-out condom. You might not have any risk, if you are not near the time in your month when ovulation happens.  If you write back, we can help you determine that.
Sorry, my mistake! My fellow Community Leader reminds that the number of hours after sex for the most effective use of emergency contraception is 72 hours, not 48 hours.

Here is the correct information:

"If you feel you need to take emergency contraception, take it as soon as you can after the unprotected sex. It's most effective within 72 hours. It can be taken up to five days after intercourse, but by the third, fourth or fifth day the rate of effectiveness is reduced."

That said, it doesn't sound to either of us like you need emergency contraception. The contact was really brief, and even if you did have exposure to sperm, your chances of ovulating that day are about 1 or 2 in 28.  

If it ever happens again, just toss the condom and start over with a fresh one, and don't worry. :)
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I think it is highly unlikely you would get pregnant from what you describe.  While pre ejaculation happens and someone 'might' get pregnant from it, I would think what you describe is improbable.  I would not worry.  I personally wouldn't take emergency birth control  for this (that's the pill to prevent becoming pregnant).  If you decide to, you have to take that within 72 hours. After you take it, you'll be irregular for 2 to 3 months most likely as it is a lot of hormones (how it works) and the body has to process that.  Know that going in.  But pregnancy can't be ruled out 100 percent from this.

With regards to std's, again, best to pitch a condom rather than turn it inside out but this sounds extremely brief.  I'd also not be worried about this but it can't be ruled out 100 percent.  A doctor would most likely tell you to see if any symptoms develop and if they don't, don't worry.  Pre cum is not like ejaculation.  Keep that in mind.
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Thank you for informing me that. It helps a lot. I ended up taking the pill for extra precautions..
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