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Im late, but Why are test Negative

Hi everyone.I wanted to share my story, I need seriously Help, but I dont want someone to tell me I need to go too the doctors, I know that so far :) Just waiting for insurance cards.

My last af was aug 30 last 4 days, not normal period, very light.. I spotted alot in my cycle. No af in septmeber and now im in october. I ovulation already, right on track.. could i be pregnant and my hormones are strong enough or what, I test but I get 50 50 on test

God Bless Melissa
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what do you mean by a 50/50? if there is no line its no. if there is a slight line its yes. you can go to a clinic for a test that way you know.
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50 50 mean I got postives and Negatives.. I think i know that.. I dont want people telling me to go to the doctors.. I know that!! already, I said im waiting for my insurance cards.. It takes away, we switch doctors and stuff like that..

Just wondering why i would be late, doesnt run in family..
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Go get another test. Even if their is a light pink line you are pg. . As soon as you get the cards the good ol' doc. will be able to tell ya more. Good luck. Are you wanting to get pg.? I'd say I hope it is pg. and nothing else. if ya don't want to be pg. then uh oh
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I am 8 days late today and i have never been late in my life.  I have always gotten my period either the day before or day after the due date.  I took 3 hpt when i was 3, 4 & 5 days late and i had 1 blood test on the 6th day.  All of these came back negative.  Everyone is telling me that i could be stressed or my diest changed.  Honestly i haven't felt any stress since my mother died 4 years ago and even then my period was perfect.  This has never happened to me and i was wondering if any of you went through this and what the outcomes were.

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melissa, i said go to a clinic as in free clinic. that way you dont have to worry about ins. please dont be rude i am trying to help you in a way that will benefit you. if you have gotten positives first then negs you may have a problem you HAVE to see someone. what do you want us to tell you? and with the doesnt run in the family comment i suggest you find out more about cycles andyour body. doesnt have to run in the family. there could be a health issue that needs to be addressed. ill leave it at that now. there is no 100% anwer anyone can give you from a computer screen. good luck
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You should go get a digital hpt.  It gives you a simple 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant.'  No one hear can tell you whether or not your pregnant.
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