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Infections from H-E-L-L

I dont know where to start! So I probably will tell you too much info... I apologize in advance but would really appreciate your input.

March 2009- went off NuvaRing and had a Mirena placed. I have had some trouble adjusting (missed periods at first, now its loooong periods)

Beginning of Nov 2009- yeast infection, diflucan cured, at the time I suspected antibiotics from bronchitis treatment to be the culprit

End of Nov 2009- emergency appendectomy, during surgery the doc noted ovarian cysts on both ovaries, told to go see OBGYN

mid Dec 2009- bacterial infection, 3 day cleocin cured

end of Dec 2009- serious bacterial AND yeast infections, oral doxycycline and some sort of vaginal cream- partial cure

Jan 4th 2010- bacterial infection, never healed from previous infection- 3 day cleocin cured, also remembered the cysts and mentioned to doc, sent to ultrasound, discovered 3ish cm hemorrhagic cyst on right ovary and free fluid near cervix, recheck in 4 weeks

Feb 1st 2010- ultrasound recheck- original cyst on right ovary gone but now have 3.2 cm on left ovary and again with the free fluid near the cervix. also told doc I suspected another infection but do to massive amounts of lube from US we could not test. guessed a yeast infection and given diflucan. doc suggested a hormone imbalance especially since I came off BC and put on Mirena. prescribed nuvaring, will recheck progress with US at follow up appt on March 15th.

Feb 4th- very, very, very sure its a bacterial infection, not yeast infection. called doc and given prescription for 7 day doxycycline vagina cream

Feb 13th- no previous infection symptoms noted so we decided to attempt vaginal sex. very bad idea. burning pain. Im pretty sure its a yeast infection. they make my skin slough off and I definitely have that going on.

Today- squeezing my legs together praying 1145 tomorrow will come soon... thats when my appt is with the OBGYN. Im need relief!

Notable Stuff:
-Dec period lasted 3 weeks, Jan 2 weeks, currently on day 8 of light spotting for Feb
-continuously sore breasts. waaaaay worse near or during period
-fleshy discharge near and during period. not blood clots, not discharge from infections... fleshy chunks. (keep forgetting to mention to doc)
-since being put on NuvaRing I am SERIOUSLY moody. lord help me (and those around) if one of those animal abuse commercials comes on...
-known (and happening again) NuvaRing result- vagina dryness during sex
-tested for STDs during appedectomy visit, all negative
-after first infections I switched to hypoallergenic *everything*

Im seriously at my wits end. I am being sooo very careful about what goes in or near my vagina. And yet, it keeps happening... help me!

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