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Intense Front Pain Undiagnosed

I have pain in the top right of my torso, underneath my breast. It occurs randomly and does not go away until I take an ibuprofen. It comes before I eat, after I eat, before I go bathroom or after I go bathroom. Often it is most severe at night. It sometimes feels as though it could be swollen. I also have chronic back pain which I have been going to a chiropractor for.

I have had three urine tests, two ultrasounds (one abdominal, and one GU tract which were all unremarkable), and recently had bloodwork done which only shows slightly lower levels of red blood count and hemoglobin. I have taken two different medications for kidney and bladder infection with no change.

I am not sexually active. It does not hurt when I urinate. I am not nauseous, have diarrhea, or have experienced any blood in my urine or stool. No headaches or fever.
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With the info you gave, my guess would be costal chondriasis. That's where the tiny muscles that attach one rib to the next become inflamed from over-use in cases such as a prolonged or sudden cough. Since it is an inflammation, it explains why an anti-inflammatory Med like Inuprofen works.
    Yet I'd need more info to help better pin point your issue.
Do you now or have you had a cough?
Have you done any unfamiliar twisting, lifting, bending movements or exercises?
Have you been injured?
Is the area under your breast right where the lower edge of your bra hits?
Have you had a diagnosis of scoliosis?
When was your last mammogram & what were the results?
Just below your right breast is your liver. Upon physical exam your practitioner can gently feel that area to feel if it's normal or enlarged.
You can have a "Liver Panel" drawn per your doctor's order.
Does the discomfort feel closer to your midline--center or closer to under your arm?
Can you carry on a conversation when the pain hurts the most? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain you've ever felt) what # are you.
Anything you'd like to add?
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Thank you for your thoughtful answer! In answer to your questions:
- I don't have a cough
- While I haven't done anything like that, I have been dealing with chronic back pain with a chiropractor. Unsure if trauma related.  
- No.
- Yes and a little lower
- No.
- Never had one
- Midline pain
- Yes but sometimes I catch my breath. I would say it is a 6-7.
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