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Internal Vibrating/Buzzing in My Vagina

I have been experiencing a buzzing or vibrating sensation for the past week in my vagina.  It feels as if I am sitting on a cell phone that is faintly vibrating.  The sensation feels as though it is internal and takes place from my vagina up into my cervix.  There is no regular time period in between when this sensation occurs.  Sometimes it takes place every 5 minutes, sometimes every 15 seconds or so.  It usually lasts for just a few seconds.  I am in my early 20's, so I am not approaching or going through menopause.  I also should be having my period any day now.  The sensations do not hurt, it just is concerning me because I have never experienced this before.  Has anyone ever had the same experience, or does anyone have any idea what could be causing these vibrating/buzzing sensations?
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This has never happened to me.  It might be a trapped nerve or something.  Sometimes i get it around my eye and it feels like its vibrating, thats the only thing i can think of :)
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Oh my goodness, I just posted a very similar entry...I've been having the same problem, too! My buzzing is concentrated to the left side...I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one going through this. I hope someone answers our questions.
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Oh, and I'm in my early 20s, too...I've had my period though, about a week ago.
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it could just be your muscles contracting really fast i get that in various muscles in my body but never in my vagina
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I had a vibrating sensation on my left side and ended up having a cyst there.  Maybe that was a coincidence, but at least it's something.  Good luck!
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ive been having a buzzing sensation in my vagina, and like you said, it feels like i'm sitting on a cellphone on vibration. has anyone gone to the doc to find out what it is??
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Has anyone followed up? If you have please post!! I have the same humming on the left side of my vagina. Started 2 days ago. When standing it comes and goes in 10-15 second intervals. Sitting in bed now and it's gone. I hear a lot of talk about nerves which makes sense - growth of cysts can put pressure on the nerves cant it? Help - please keep me posted. I will keep you all posted too.
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it's not necessarily a cyst.
Anything can put pressure on a nerve, really.
Since it is happening in the vagina, my assumption would more than likely be just spasming muscles.
Vaginal muscles work like all others in the body.
With increase or decrease of exercise, they react.

What have you changed, personally, since, say a few days before this started originally?
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muscle spasims
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OMG!!  I thought I was a little nuts for even searching for hits on this subject, but thank god I am not alone.  Mine started a few days ago, however I don't feel it inside my vagina exactly, more like on the triangle of flesh on my pubic bone.  Has anyone who previously experienced this had it stop, or find out why it was happening?
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I have had this buzzing in the same area for at least 10 years now.  It would only happen about 2-4 times a year.  I never researched it until now because for the last 2-3 days I have the buzzing all over my body.  I am getting my blood tested now and should know something in about 10 days.  I was deficient in B12 several years ago and began taking high does of it orally.  But some people can't absorb it via the stomach and I may need shots.  Have you ever had your B12 levels tested?  About 35% of people are deficient and don't know it.....

Another curious thing is I went off the pill a month ago after being on it for 15 years.....I'm 36 years old.  I just got my period 2 days ago - the first one without being on the pill.  So who knows.....I guess it could be a hormonal thing....we'll see!  

Good luck!
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This symptom has been posted about many times. I use to have a buzzing sensation on my lower right side near the pubic region - it felt like a mobile phone buzzing. I had it for months until I started seeing a chiropractor 4 months ago to get spinal adjustments as my spine is out of alignment. I haven't had the buzzing sensation since. Quite a few people with this symptom have discovered that it is nerves caused by their spine being out of alignment or a spinal injury.
A lot of people don't even know their spine is out of alignment, which can cause other symptoms as well.
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