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Introducing the New Pregnancy Tracker


We're pleased to announce the Pregnancy Tracker, the third in a series of Personal Health Applications (PHAs) geared towards helping our members keep track of their health metrics, symptoms, treatments, test results and events.

With this tracker, you can track your pregnancy weight gain and symptoms (e.g. nausea, food cravings, heartburn), as well as a variety of metrics about your baby that your doctor will give you during your appointments. You can also keep a journal of how you're feeling each day or special events that happen (test results, baby's first kick, finding out if it's a boy or a girl) or to add photos of your belly bump and ultrasounds. In addition, you can also view your friend's public pregnancy trackers and give them support by leaving them a note on their tracker page.

One final new feature that we're happy to announce is the availability of a ticker for the Pregnancy Tracker. It's a bear that sits on your tracker and user profile page that counts down the number of days until your due date. You can grab the embed code for this ticker and put it on other sites that you participate in. If you'd rather not see the cute bear, you can turn it off in the Ticker Settings.

You can access the Pregnancy Tracker by clicking on the "Trackers" link at the top of the community or by going to your Trackers tab in My MedHelp (please note, if you are already using one of our other trackers, just click the "Tracker" icon on the right of the tab to add a new one).

We plan on adding more functionality to the Pregnancy Tracker over the next few weeks and would love to get your suggestions and feedback. If you want to track a specific treatment or event, let us know. Please post your comments in the MedHelp Suggestions community, accessible via My Shortcuts.

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