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Irregular Menstrual

Hi Doctor,
I've had a normal menstural cycle since the age of 13. I am now 20 years old. I skipped February and March (2010), received my period in April which lasted for 17 days. At the end of May I received my period which lasted 5 days. I went on to skip June and July. I just received my period for August now (I do not know how long it will last). I had a hormonal test done. My testosterone level was a tiny bit higher than normal (2.6 nmol/L). My LH levels were ABOVE normal as well (24.2 IU/L). My FSH levels were normal (9.4 IU/L).  The doctor said it couldn't be PCOS because the ratio of LH to FSH wasn't 3. I am also not sexually active nor do I take birth control. I don't know what is wrong. Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with me?
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im not a doctor but the same rthing happened to me and i got scared so
so much for no reason its because you and i are not eating right that all and arter i heard that from the doctor i was laughing my head off i was so scared for sadly to say for nothink
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OMG! Really! I went to like every doctor. They all told me it was nothing to worry about and I thought that there had to be something wrong with me still. Thanks so much. That makes me feel alot better. I was wondering if you could tell me the right diet. I am vegeterian. Also, after eating right, did your period go back to normal?
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