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Irregular cycles with brown blood!

I have always had irregular periods since I started round 13-14. First 6-8 were all brown blood. After that a mix leaning more towards red. I can go months inbetween periods & over the years it was normal. I am 36 now, have had 2 daughters thru 2 different c-sections (due to a bad back injury suffered at 18). No out of the normal issues with either birth. Did have a tubal after my 2nd. As the years have gone by, my periods have been increasing in flow, duration, & occurancy. I had a period here recently that was normal in color & amount that lasted bout 10 days. 5 days later another period started much heavier & a color close to choclate. It has been extremely heavy, leaking thru many pads & articles of clothing. It's been 8 days since it started & it seems to be finally pestering out. Should I be concerned about this? This color is not new to me, my first 6-8 were, but having them so close with that much coming out! I'm worried, just don't know how much I should be worried.
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So, any period that lasts more than 7 days should be checked out.  You've had a lot of bleeding!  Things like fibroids can cause this or passing a cyst (although that normally has some cramping too).  Brown blood is usually old blood, just FYI.  But with what you describe, I'd go ahead and schedule a visit to your doctor for a pelvic exam and discussion about this.  Likely it is something like fibroids but you want to find out for sure as this falls outside of normal irregular bleeding (lol).  Let me know what you think.
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