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Is Light spotting with white mucus a sign of early pregnancy?

Hey so me and my fiance had sex about a week an a half ago cause were trying to have a baby, and about two days ago i started spotting a very light pink color and it stopped, then two days later i bled a small amount again but it had a clumpy white mucusy liquid mixed in it, should i be concerned? Is this a sign of early pregnancy, or something else? im not supposed to have my period for two more weeks.
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If your period is not due for two more weeks and the last time you had sex was a week and a half ago, unless your cycles are super long, you would not be having this discharge because of being pregnant. You might be ovulating now.
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Probably not.  Early pregnancy is really hard to detect from symptoms because so many symptoms can be attributed to other things.  

So, how to track your cycle to get pregnant . . . timing is everything.  Day one of your period is cycle day one.  Count from there.  On cycle day 10, start having sex every other day for the next 10 days.  This is the best chance to catch the egg.  If you have a longer than wat is the average cycle length, then do this every other day bit for more days.  It takes the average couple a year to get pregnant, so keep that in mind.  You'll normally be able to get a positive pregnancy test at 2.5 weeks after the sex you think "it" might have happened at and usually you don't have symptoms until that time (because the same symptoms that trigger a positive pregnancy test are what cause symptoms and you have to have enough hormones to do both).  Good luck.  How long have you been trying?
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