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Is being sick on my period normal

Since I was 14 I have suffered from extremely painful periods, I suffer from IBS which I think is linked and is the main cause of my periods being this bad , just before I start my period my ibs flares up and as soon as I start I will be sick within the next few hours, i am sick about 10 times but only on the first day. I have the worst cramps which I literally wish I died which must sound so dramatic but it’s true. I can’t eat for 4 days and I mean literally nothing . I have tried having a cracker but I will just throw up 10 mins later , I can’t get out my bed for 4 days,  I always am dehydrated because I am scared to drink water because it makes me throw up but of course I take small sips. Last month I had to go to the hospital to have an iv because I was dehydrated and couldn’t wee. I also suffer from leg pain which goes and comes back , it will be on my right leg and then go on my left leg and then on my back and it doesn’t feel like normal period body pain it feels heavy and numb but I don’t know how to explain it. I have had scans but everything seems to be fine so I don’t think I have endometriosis which I initially thought I might have. When I tell the doctor about my ibs and how I think it’s linked they literally ignore it but I know that both of them are linked and that’s why I suffer this much. I am tired of feeling like this and wish to find a solution. I am at the point where I would literally just rather not have children then suffer from this pain every month. I’m sorry that this is all over the place but that just describe my periods. I hope someone can help me
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I'm sorry you go through this, but no, it's not normal.

You might have endometriosis, along with IBS - I had both. My periods, from the first time I had one, were a lot like yours. I'm a lot older than you, and basically, they just didn't know much, and it was hell.

One thing you could do is ask your mom to take you to a gynecologist. They are much better at dealing with period issues than a hospital is, and since this is something that you deal with every month, you need to find a better treatment plan than just going to the hospital because you're dehydrated.

What worked for me was going on the birth control pill when I turned 18. My mom wouldn't let me go on it before because she thought it would give me permission to have sex. As soon as she saw the improvement I had, though, she regretted that decision.

You may have something else going on, and you need to find out what it is. Maybe the pill is your treatment option, maybe it's something else, but things probably won't get better until you find out.

If you can't talk to your mom (though I'm sure she's aware of what's happening), is there another trusted adult you can talk to? An aunt? A friend's mom? A regular doctor isn't good enough here - you need a specialist, someone who only does women's health stuff.

Again, I'm really sorry you're going through this. I know how much you're suffering, and it sucks. :(
Oh and endometriosis can only be seen if they do surgery. It won't be seen in a scan.

How old are you now? You said this has been going on since you were 14, but didn't say how old you were now.
I am 20 now but thank you, I have been considering going on the pill although I am scared because I have heard you struggle to have children however I know many people who don’t. How are your periods now , have they improved since the pill or as you have aged.
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What kind of scans have you had, just ultrasounds? I would see if the doctor can order you an MRI of your abdomen and pelvic region. It's amazing what they can see and how useless an ultrasound is by comparison when trying to figure out what is going on with the muscles and internal structure of the uterus.

Has any doctor ever prescribed Ponstel? (Its generic name is mefenamic acid -- it's a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like Nuprin and Advil). Women swear by it for period cramping. Even Nuprin and Advil are a lot better for period pain than aspirin or acetaminiphin, because they are anti-prostaglandins and relieve the tendency for the muscles to clench. It can make a huge difference.

Please do see an ob/gyn and see if these things can be tried. If they ignore the connection between IBS and your periods making you sick, don't insist, but do insist on an abdominal MRI. Clearly something is going on and you deserve a diagnosis.
I have had an ultra sounds but also another one which I honestly don’t remember but they checked my kidneys on there so I don’t know if that could be the one you are taking about, I am definitely going to look into the mri if I haven’t already had that. Also yes I have tried them medication and it ended up making my cramps worse . Thank you for getting back to me
Just checked what an mri is and have definitely not done that so I am definitely going to ask my doctor about this. Thank you
When I had uterine scar tissue it was the MRI that found it. In your case I would insist on one. But maybe only an ob/gyn can order it, not just a general practitioner.
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my cousin is the same way, so not sure why people here are telling you it's abnormal. i also have a friend from high school that was and is still this way. she just turned 39 last month. i don't know whether or not this is "normal" but i can at least ease your mind slightly and inform you that you're not alone.

i would, if you're too worried about it, see a medical professional to rule anything out. but i know my cousin and friend have both been to see multiple people over the years and each time have been told it's a side effect of heavy periods.
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