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Is it PCOS or just PCO?


I'm a 19 year old girl who has been recently diagnosed with PCOS. I took a hormone blood test the other day and the results showed higher levels of LH compared with the levels of FSH (I took the test on day 3 of my period. LH: 7.70 and FSH: 4.4) and so my doctor immediately told me that I had PCOS and that I should start treatment.

I was shocked when he told me because he's been doing ultrasounds on me for the past 4 years or so and not once did he mention that I had multiple cysts in the ovaries or anything. All this time he kept telling me that it was just this one single cyst that I kept getting once or twice a year ever since I was 14 or sometime around that number. The cysts never exceeded the normal dimensions of a regular cyst. Once he sees a cyst floating around in my ovaries he would prescribe some birth control pills, I would take it and the cyst would go away, sometimes even on its own.

I'm not convinced that I have PCOS and I feel like there has to be something I haven't tested for yet. My fasting blood sugar test came out normal (81 mg/dl), my TSH levels were also fine (1.020 mIU/L) but the only two things that were abnormal were my vitamin D levels (30) and hormone levels (LH: 7.70 and FSH: 4.4). In addition to that, I don't have multiple cysts in my ovaries (or at least the doctor didn't mention I did), I'm not overweight/ have a high body fat percentage (5'3, 117 lbs), I don't have acne and as you can see everything else is normal except for the hormone levels, vitamin D and that I have excess hair on my cheeks, stomach and back.

Do I need to ask for other tests to rule out PCOS? Or does the fact that the LH:FSH ratio is imbalanced finalize the PCOS diagnosis? Could it be that I just have PCO instead? And also I took the hormone blood test when I already had a cyst in my left ovaries, would that have affected the test results? And finally, should I ask for another opinion?

Thank you for your time and effort.
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