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Is it bad if during my period bowel movement sometimes hurts so much that I faint?

The first time it happened was 2 years ago (2016) when i was on my period and and got diarrhea. After using the toilet I had cold and hot sweat, heard wierd sounds and fell on the bathroom floor. I never connected it to my period.

The second time it happened was January 2018 on my period. I went to the bathroom, had a normal bowel movement and afterwards my cramps got so bad that I started screaming because the pain was so bad. Again I started hearing sounds, sweating, loosing vision. It all lasted about 40min. I managed to run to my mums bed and couldnt get up from it. I called her to come home from work because I couldnt crawl to the counter to get some painkillers.
The third time was exactly a month later after a normal bowel movement when I was on my period. again I lost councioussnes, but this time when my dad helping me walk so I didnt hurt myself. I ended up getting a blood test but the results to my suprise were perfect.

In June i took part in a 1200m race. unfortunately I was on my period. The pain became so bad after I finished running that my friends had to lay me down on the grass and give me painkillers. My head was spinning and I started crying.

Something simillar happened today. I was on my period and needed to use the bathroom. It was diarrhea so I immediately took a painkiller because of my previous experiances. But still the pain became so bad that I started crying. I had cold and hot sweat again and my head was spinning. Eventually the painkiller started working so it didnt go to the stage of fainting of such intense pain but it was close.

I'm only 18 and I'm wondering if this is very bad or not normal. It doesn't happen every time I'm on my period but still a lot. Apart from this a lot of the time during my first days of menstruation I get migranes and nausea, but this is not disturbing to me.

Could this be endometriosis? Is this normal? Maybe you or someome you know has had similar experiances? Please share anything you know. Thank you
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Sounds a bit extreme.  Different people have different tolerance levels of pain and different pain reactions. For example, I throw up.  Anyway, yes, it could be endometriosis.  Does ibuprofen take the edge off?  That works well for me.  Do you get yearly physicals that include a pap smear?  You probably should and that is a good time to ask about this. good luck
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Have you been scanned for fibroids? If they get large enough they can press on other organs in the abdomen and cause pain. If your uterus is additionally swollen from your period, it could press against the intestines and when the stool passes through, it cause pain because of the restriction?
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