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Is it normal for my period months to change around?

Iv had my period for a bit over a year now and they usually start some time in the month it's meant to come. Iv already had my December period but then my January period came on the 24th of December and my February period is meant to come mid January and my march period comes mid February this happens for all the months, is this normal?
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Hello.  Our periods don't follow a calendar.  :>)  A woman's cycle can be different day's length.  It can be 24, it can be 34 it can be 40.  All normal.  At your age, it's very normal to have irregular cycles of varying lengths.  Throw out the calendar.  If you want to use an app, it uses averages so won't be effective for you if you are irregular--- but you'll be able to track how many days your cycle is easily.  MedHelp has a great app called MyCycles if you want to download it.  (tool bar at the top, apps section). day one of your period is cycle day one.  Count from there.  Last day of your cycle is the day before your next one starts.  You'll probably eventually notice a pattern.  Around the holiday time in particular though, many women are irregular because that can happen with changes in routine, stress, weight gain or loss, illness, etc. which are all very common during holiday time.  good luck
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