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Is it normal for sex to cause extreme aches and pains in my torso?

The phrasing of this question is a bit weird. I don't know if anyone's gonna have an answer, so I'm mostly just here to vent. Endometriosis has destroyed me.

Three times so far, my husband's inflicted horrific pain on me through perfectly normal intercourse (not rough/aggressive at all). It starts off as a sharp pain deep in my cervix, my ovaries, and even my rectum, then sex has to stop immediately or else I feel like I'm going to die. My hearing goes, my vision goes, my limbs rattle, and I feel like I'm going to vomit -- fainting symptoms, basically. Except I don't faint; I lay on a frigid floor for 30+ minutes, shaking like I'm being electrocuted. The pain is indescribable and it takes over my entire body.

Even without this freak occurrence, penetration has always dealt me some pain in my ribs and shoulders. Last night this happened, and it feels like I was hit by semi-truck. My whole body is sore. I can't sneeze, cough, laugh, or lay down because my back and shoulders hurt so bad. Just why would this happen? My stomach feels like it's been speared, but it's not as annoying as the shoulder pain. How would my cervix getting bumped give me torso pain?

I was diagnosed with stage 3 Endometriosis and had surgery for it earlier this year. I've recently stopped taking my birth control (prescribed for the condition itself) because my husband and I would like to try for a baby, but ever since I stopped, I've had constant twinges and aches in my abdominal/colon region.

This happened twice before my surgery and I'm scared that it's come back again. Sex can hurt us Endometriosis-cursed women, but is it common for it to do this? Is it supposed to disable me? I'm only 21. I'm traumatized by this pain. This is a nightmare. I would tell my Gynecologist, though what'd be point? I stopped taking the birth control. I brought this on myself.
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Wow. I SO feel for you.  This is extreme and can understand how distressing this is.  You are so young.  Sure, there are more permanent cures but if you'd like children, that means they aren't currently options for you.  Are you working with a fertility doctor or regular ob/gyn? With your history, I'd have a consultation. Having endometriosis often leads to a difficult time getting pregnant.  Hard to hear at 21. But with that reality, a doctor working with you may be in order.  Perhaps a work around via fertility treatment will help in this situation but at the very least, since you are trying for baby, you should know what you are in for with relation to that.  You did not, by the way', 'bring this on yourself'.  You are a very young woman who would like to start a family.  This is an unfortunate medical situation.  You aren't the first, won't be the last. So, I'd get a doctor to guide you.
After you've had your children, you can discuss what you can do about the endo.
Thank you. This is such a reassuring response, as frightening as a lot of these possibilities are.

As stated, I already had surgery for it and the Gyno was zapping me for over two hours. The scar tissue had completely overtaken my insides. He's an excellent doctor, but I just don't know how this issue can be helped without hormones. He told me that my fallopian tubes were clear, so I don't have to worry about infertility by means of obstruction, but Endometriosis is so inflammatory that pregnancy is harder anyway.

Forgive me, I'm rambling. It's just nice to be told how messed up this is, that it's not in my head.
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