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Is it normal for symptoms of PMS to die down leading toward period date?

I'm expected to have my period tomorrow (July 22nd) and prior to today I've been experiencing all these symptoms (abdominal pain, mood swings, sensitive/tender breasts, and diarrhea) since around July 12.

But just today (July 21st) the symptoms "died" down....

Could this be because of my period is coming soon. Other things to add is that I was little over 2 weeks on birth control until I stopped and got withdrawal bleeding on June 22nd and ended on June 27th. I believe I haven't been on birth control long enough to the point that it would mess up my cycle, but then again peoples bodies are different.

Just wondering if this is common, and input will be appreciated!

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Any time you manipulate the hormones and then cease doing so abruptly, there will be an effect. That certainly could play a role in why you are late.  You also seem to be a stress ball and very anxious which can lead to late periods.  I would do your best to stop analyzing each and every thing. I know you feared pregnancy and we wrote in your other threads that you had no risk of pregnancy from your activity.  So, you are just late. It happens to all women and it is not a dramatic, stress inducing situation like this. So, my heart felt and empathetic suggestion is to seek some help with your anxiety hon.  Being late and a good bit late is a normal situation, having on and off pms syptoms is normal here and there.  Nothing you've written is a red flag for anything.  good luck
I guess you aren't exactly late but your having pms and not having it, etc is all hormonally related and stopping the pill is going to affect your hormones even if you were on it briefly.
Thank you so much! It seems like you're the only that responds to most of my questions and others as well, but I really appreciate your input.

I didn't get my period today, but from what you said I'm perfectly fine about it.

But is it fine for me to go back on the pill, starting on the first day of August, even if I didn't have my period?
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