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Is it normal to have HEAVY bleeding a month after IUD?

I just got an IUD put in on July 4,2011.(Flex t-300) I got it because i had my second miscarriage D&C (may 2) and it was the right decision for me since i got prego off of birth control twice.
I knew my period was going to be off normal routine since i got my IUD. I got my first period since then.. it started a couple days of spotting and crazy cramping.. Then it started getting heavier and heavier.  I'm now  more then a week into it and i'm going through tampon and pads like crazy.... it soaks all the way through my tampons all the way down the strings and onto my panties. So I'm changing my panties about 3 times a day or more.

I just went to the clinic and the doctor was being a complete douche bag and telling me that i'm a moron for getting the IUD that allows me to get my period. I'm like " I'm a 18 year old girl i'm suppose to be getting my period" He didnt like that i said that to much. And he was going on and on about "why my doctor would proscribe me a flexi t and not a morina" im like thats the one my dr and i discussed and i was comfortable getting. And plus the dr that put it in was the same dr that did my D&C. He very well known and very good at what he does!".
So he didnt awnser any of my concerns nor questions. so this is why im writing this.

It is normal that I'm bleeding so much?And the discumfort?
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You need to go back to the doctor that perscribed you the IUD. Is there a reason why you went straight to an IUD? They can pierce the lining of the uterus and cause really bad problems. Had you tried the pill or something like Nuva Ring before? I think you should talk to the perscribing doctor and inform him of your issues. Ask him if these are normal side effects and tell him if your periods are going to be like this all the time with the IUD you want to do something else.
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