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Is it possible to be pregnant even after a negative blood test?

I have been on the pill for years due to horrible periods. I’ve gone on and off of it the last couple years since I’m practically married. I have had 3 miscarriages and each one I had negative home pregnancy tests. One of them I actually did get blood work done when I first stated miscarrying and my hcg showed up there.
I went off the pill on September 19 I’m like clock work when it comes to going off the pill I ALWAYS start within one to two days. It’s now almost 2 weeks late and still no period. I had a blood test on the 28th and it was negative. I’m late, I’m urinating constantly! Over 20 times a day. I’ve had back pain, nausea, hot flashes, dizziness, food cravings, fatigue, breast sensitivity, and very emotional. Since I was on the pill I have no idea when I ovulate. I just can not shake the feeling of being pregnant but my tests are negative.. the nurse at the obgyn office has been very dismisive she didn’t even want to do the blood test even though I was late. So I don’t feel like they’re going to be any help.
Sorry this is so long I’m just at a loss
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Well, if you have a history of that happening then SURE, it could happen again!  You have symptoms and I guess your only option is blood work.  Is your doctor available to do that?  Also know, that some of what you describe could also be attributed to fluctuations in hormones that you'd also have with the stopping of birth control.  But I'd follow up with your doctor to see.
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