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Is it safe to take myo -inositol & D-Chiron Inositol supplements?

I had been prescribed a supplement for the treatment of acne and the salts in that supplement contain myo -inositol, D-Chiron Inositol, Chromium and Vitamin D3 and I have been taking these for 3 months now. I haven't been diagnosed with any PCOS or hormonal imbalance in my reports. Is it safe to take these supplements without any side effects as i read on internet these supplements are used for PCOS treatment mainly.
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Regarding inositol, I know that it  often is used to help with insulin sensitivity and hormonal imbalance, two issues that plague many PCOS sufferers.  Since acne can be caused by an excess of free testosterone, this may be why inositol was prescribed -- to reduce the free testosterone.  I'm not sure if your free testosterone has ever been tested but I don't think it usually is part of any routine labs.

I can tell you that during the first couple months of going low-carb, I noticed that my scalp acne and oiliness vanished.  Initially I assumed it was the low-carb diet that was responsible for the improvement, but during that time I also took myo-inositol and d-chiro inositol to help with insulin sensitivity.  Later I discontinued taking the inositols and eventually the oily scalp and acne returned.  I therefore believe there may be a connection to inositol and the improvement of acne and oily skin.
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