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Is it true Plan B is less effective if you’re overweight?

Hi just out of curiosity. I weight currently 175, but I’m a powerlifter. I’m a little concerned about Plan B being less effective since I’m considered to be overweight by my BMI. I’ve been killing myself reading online and it’s really hurting my anxiety. I took Plan B due to the fact a condom got stuck in me after sex, there wasn’t any semen in the condom but there was pre-cum so I took it just in case to make sure I wouldn’t get pregnant. I’ve already posted in this forum and my anxiety has been over the top because I keep googling and I happen to come across plan be not working if you’re overweight. Had sex on cycle day 17. My period is due Friday and I’m freaking out. I really cannot afford to get pregnant and I’m paranoid as hell. Sorry if I’m going off on a tangent I just feel like everything is going wrong and I have no control over what’s happening.
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From what I've read, your weight should not impact if it works.  Just take it within 72 hours of the episode you are worried about.
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Here is what Plan B says in its FAQs:

"[A]ll women, regardless of how much they weigh, can use these products to prevent unintended pregnancy following unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. The most important factor affecting how well emergency contraception works is how quickly it is taken."
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