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Is my vagina normal

I am 16 years old and I had gotten Bv before and I had taken the pills to get rid of the bv but now I feel like my vagina isn’t normal at all I haven’t had sex for a long time and every time I go restroom and wipe myself i check to see if I smell , my discharge taste sour and smells kinda off but not fishy or anything just sour . but I am thinking because I had sex at a young age ?? And I am always paranoid about getting bv again because it was so horrible for me my mom didn’t care about it until she got bv too and I started to take her antibiotics with out her knowing but anyways after wiping my vagina feels sore is that normal or do I wipe too hard ?? Please help :/
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Hello.  Firsts, stop tasting your own discharge.  :>)  Yuck.  You are worrying yourself for nothing.  BV IS hard to eradicate and can come back.  But you will know because of the smell.  That is the single hallmark sign that BV generally has.  Bad odor.  The discharge with BV is thin, greyish and watery.  

Now, taking antibiotics when self diagnosing is not good.  Why? Well, antibiotics have affects all on their own.  They kill off good bacteria that we are supposed to have and mess up the ph of our vagina.  This can lead to yeast issues or fungal issues.  Plus, taking medication that is not prescribed for you is just . . . how should I say this . . . don't want to say dumb.  But it is.  :>)  What if you had a reaction?  How would you explain it?  It's not prescribed to YOU.  And doing that without the person who was prescribed the medication knowing . . . well, your mom was supposed to take the whole course of antibiotics.  Don't you think she might be miffed when she doesn't have it all OR if her infection returns because she didn't have the whole prescription to treat it?  Please don't do things like that.  

You are anxious about having BV.  I get it. But in truth, you likely don't.  If you do, you get treated again yourself by your doctor.  But in general, you sound anxious and over thinking as your user name says.  Try to relax sweetie.
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