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Is teen pregnancy always a bad thing?

I myself am currently a pregnant teenager. I will be a good mother no matter what gets in my way. However, I will also do good in school and never give up on that either. By the way, I'm 17 years old. My boyfriend and I were dating 2 years BEFORE we started to have sex. I was just thinking and wondering, is teen pregnancy really such an awful thing? I mean, yeah, you are still kinda a child and you aren't completely ready to take on such a big responsibility, but what about those teens that CAN handle it and eventually turn out really well? I would really love to hear your opinion on this topic. I will absolutely NOT judge anyone by their responses.

(Oh and by the way, please don't get offended by the capital letters or anything, I'm not yelling. I was just trying to make those words nice and clear. Tehe.)
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I dont think its a bad thing ! I wanted till 25 and its still hard ! i dont think any age is right or wrong ! i would just say that u have to be stable with a job and all ! but other than that just make sure your secure in ur life and u will be just fine ! children are a blessing ;) dont let anyone get u down and good luck ur baby will change ur life a wonderful way !
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The concerns people have when they think of teen pregnancy are about the fact that having a baby makes things harder.  When a baby comes, it's not "I have a life, and the baby fits into it," but really  "My baby's life is primary and my life takes second place (if I get a chance to have any life of my own at all)."  This is kind of different than the attitude of many teenagers, who are not used to the idea that their own life is less important than something else.  This does not mean there are no teenagers who would find that attitude impossible to adopt.  American teenagers just aren't used to have to put themselves and their wants or needs last on the list.

Being a mom takes a ton of patience, and a lot of self-sacrifice.  I was self-sacrificing when I was a teenager, but was not really strong on patience.  Teens sometimes get sulky when they are feeling bad, and there's no room as a mommy to be sulking because one's husband is not helping with the diaper changes or taking the baby off your back when it is time to cook dinner.  In that way, a few years of emotional maturity can make a lot of difference.  Even though more mature mommies also get plenty mad at their husbands for not helping, they have other emotional avenues and ways to vent that relieve the pressure.  The kind of mad I got as a teenager never happened for me again (I was so glad for that!) and I would hate to have had the kind of fights I might have had with my husband, if I had had a baby when a teen.  

The other thing that makes it difficult is the sheer amount of hours that are devoted to the baby, which is as it should be, but makes it very much harder to do anything else.  So, going to school to get your degree is harder, and you want that if you will be working outside the home because the more education, the better the paycheck.  If a rich, mature teenager with a solid boyfriend or husband (who did not intend to take a powder if times got rough) wanted to have a baby, few people would have an issue with it.  It's the combination of youth in terms of emotions, and the added level of difficulty in getting one's education (for both the mommy and the daddy), and the possible flakiness of the teenage male in the picture, that usually cause people to look at teens who are pregnant and worry about them.  
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No, not all teen pregnancys are bad ! Im a teen mom. (soon to be) im 16, and I got pregnant when I was 15. I am.a.responsible teen, but I do know that it will be hard. Its hard on everyone. ! No matter how old you are, no one is fully prepared for a human being, relying solely on you. Being a teen parent just makes life a little bit harder, but having sex requires knowing that consequence. There are good responsible teens, and there are bad teens that party and fail in school. Those are the teens that everyone stereotypes us as, and thats not true! Not all of us are bad! We can be great parents just as well.
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