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Is the Size of Ovaries Related to Ovarian Cancer?

Does the size of your ovaries after menopause have anything to do with your risk for ovarian cancer?
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Once you have passed the child bearing years, your ovaries are still doing a job of regulating hormones.  And we can still get cysts in our ovaries! (that's a little annoying).  Up to 14% of women that have gone through menopause get cysts.  There is a wide range of normal for size of ovaries.  Ovarian cancer is hard to predict and size of ovaries is not used to do so.  But what prompted this question?  Are you having issues with your ovaries?  Or did you have a concerning exam?
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im 58 women was in a lot of pain my groin hip and back which turned out tobe a mass on my ovary had one scan now got got back in few weeks the mass is not normole do you think its cancer my bloods c125 was ok
Hi there.  We can still get cysts in our ovaries even at 58!  What did your doctor say?  Do you know that ovarian cancer is actually a seeding type of cancer quite often. This means it is small but a lot of it and that is why it is a problem. Think of it as like sand blowing in the wind.  It can cover an area. Different than like one big mass.  You can have epithelial ovarian tumors. These are often benign (non  cancerous) but doctors normally biopsy to make sure. What is your doctor's advice at this point?
They said it is small got go back for a nover scan in march but im getting pain in my groin all the time on lots of pain relefe but its not realy helping, had 4 menbers of my family all passed with cancer so im worried that is what it is, im just being left feel so upset abaut it , my gp wrote off to hospital to try and hurry things a lot they rang me orther day to say they had letter back, saying they are sending appment out soon,
Most ovarian masses / tumors / cysts, even in menopausal women, are benign (non-cancerous). They can cause pain. I am sorry to hear that 4 family members died of cancer so it is no wonder you are worried. Did they have gynecological cancers or other type(s)? Ovarian cancer is generally not related to other cancers except for the inherited disorder called Lynch Syndrome a.k.a. hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC). Of course, there is the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation that is associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer.
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No, size of ovaries is not related to your risk for ovarian cancer.  This site does a good job of laying out the risks: https://ocrahope.org/patients/about-ovarian-cancer/risk-factors/

Is there a particular reason you're concerned?
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