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Is there bleeding after hysterectomy?

I know this is a stupid question, but do you bleed after a hysterectomy?  I will be so glad to have a party and trash all the pads.
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Certainly not menstrual periods.  If you had any bleeding, it would be from something small and random like an abrasion or irritation, but not the kind of bleeding that a period is in any case.  You can have a big pad bonfire and dance around it, once your hysterectomy is done.  ;)
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Depends if it is a partial or total hyster.  I had a partial 6 months ago, and because I kept everything but my uterus, I still have a tiny period each month, which the docs explained would happen.  On a partial, some utuern cells are left on top of the cervix so that the doc doesn't damage the cervix.  If it is a total, then no, you won't have any bleeding because you are closed up by the doc.  I don't know how old you are, but it has been proven that if you are younger (i am 29) you do better to get a partial so that you can keep your cervix.  Docs have proven that people that have full one done can actually shorten their lives by a couple of years.  I'm not too sure about that one though.  But your cervix supports your vaginal walls, and some people have had them collapse after some time.  My OBGYN actually had a patient that this happened to and she had to close her vagina completely together.  
I actually go this week to get my cervix frozen to see if that can stop my period.  
On partials, not every woman will experience a period afterward, only about 20% will.  But it is true that you can have a small period afterward.  
Some females will argue regarding this, but I have a period the same time every month, and it is normal.  Nerve wrecking but normal.
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I guess I am having a full hysterectomy if I am having both ovaries removed and my uterus.
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I am a 70 year old woman that had a radical hysterectomy more than 30 years ago.  For many years afterward, I have been back and forth to doctors (ob/gyn, urogyn, and primarycare) with vaginal discharges/infections/vaginal spotting and now full, heavy, period-like bleeding almost every month.  I have had numerous of different test and yet the doctors still do not have an answer for me.

That's why, I am now searching the internet hoping to get an answer from readers that is or have experienced this problem.
L.H. Jan. 2014
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