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Is this a possible estrogen imbalance?

I think I may have estrogen dominance.

I started bleeding during sex about 6 weeks ago. This then progressed to spotting and cramps, and then pretty much constant bleeding.

I have had full STI check, Pap smear and a pelvic ultra sound which all came back clear.

I have had very bad anxiety for the last month, very sore breasts 2 weeks before my period and feel generally not right. I have had night sweats a couple of times and in the last week I have started getting very bad trapped wind that starts under my right rib and then spreads, the last couple of days I have also been getting a feeling that I can't take a breath deep enough, this especially happens when I have trapped wind but not always.

I am so scared that this could be lukemia, but could all of these things be linked to estrogen dominance?

I have another doctors appointment soon where I am going to ask for a hormone test but would like some advice!
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I actually had an imbalance where I produced too much estrogen.  I had things like the mask of pregnancy when not pregnant which has a real name of melasma, very long cycles where I had infrequent periods, infertility due to too much estrogen (I was like my own walking birth control pill), etc.  My hormones evened out on their own.  

A simple blood test will tell your doctor your hormone levels.  Progesterone excess is well known for someone bleeding frequently or spotting often.  

Let us know what the results are.  And again, I had no intervention and self corrected after a year and a half.  good luck
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