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Is this the peri menopause or something more serious?

I am 42 and have been having night sweats for about 5 years. My GP sent me to see an endocrinologist who did lots of test but found nothing. I have now started waking up a couple of times a month feeling very hot as if my insides are on fire, and my heart starts racing (about 100 bpm), sometimes I feel sickly and other times I need to go to the toilet for a bowel movement. I often feel very cold after these episodes and sometimes start to shake from head to foot which is quite hard to stop (although sometimes it does stop once I get warm). It is rare I get these episodes during the day but when I do they are not usually as severe.

My periods come every month but my cycle varies between 22 and 28 days. I recently had a period that was quite light and only lasted 2 days with spotting/discharge for a further 3 days, then I had one that lasted 4 days very heavy with clots and pains that kept me awake at night. The last one was similar to the first.

I also have been itching down below and got myself tested for chlamydia and gonhorea but thankfully these came back negative. I have used Canestan cream but this has not cleared it. I do get a lot of thrush.

I have IBS (constipation/gas) and am on a wheat free diet as that seems to help. I have suffered anxiety and depression in the past but am currently not suffering, although these episodes do worry me and are making me start to avoid certain situations (travelling and making plans to far in advance).

I am concerned that I have something seriously wrong with me that the doctors have not diagnosed.

If I just knew what was wrong I could cope with the symptoms as I least I would know what caused it and how to cope with them. Are you able to helpme please?
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It does sound like perimenopause to me.  Have you googled menopausal symptoms?  A lot can come from your hormones changing, including the sickly feeling and the chills and itchiness.  If your endocrinologist found nothing out of the ordinary, it doesn't sound like anything more exotic is going on unless you think you have dengue fever or something.  (That's a joke.  You would know if you had dengue fever.)  Talk to your gyno about menopause and see if what you are going through sounds similar.  Good luck!
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