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Is vulvodynia affecting my anal area

I keep having a gurgling or rumbling sound in my anal and pelvic area. My anal area sort of feels pinched and or open. People think its my stomach thats growling when its not. I also have some sort of fizzling in my mouth.  It sounds worst when im having pms. Im not in.any pain. Could it be my pudenal nerve or vulvodynia flaring up?
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Also the noises are coming from the right side of my stomach..its worse during pms
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There is so much digestive activity in the pelvis -- all those intestines crammed in -- that it would be hard to tell just what is going on. You haven't been taking any probiotics or eating any new kinds of food, right? You should probably check in with a doc and see what he or she thinks.
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No. I went to the doc earlier in the year and they told me i had acid reflux.  It settled  but This gurgling noise has been going on for awhile.like in my anal area,  pelvic and side of stomach. My gyno did a pelvic exam and said everything was fine. I know that vulvodynia effects the nerves so i dont know if its affecting my anal pelvic nerves
In your shoes, first I would change my diet to see if eating things less productive of gas in the digestive tract would calm down the noise. If it is still there when you are on a very mild diet, I'd be asking for a barium enema X-ray or an MRI of the intestines. There is little point in self-diagnosing that there is a link to vulvodynia, it sounds like (if you have or had vulvodynia) you have something unrelated to it now.
Things in the diet that can cause noise in the intestines besides the usual gassy food like beans and cabbage and broccoli, can include lactose, fructose, and artificial sweeteners like in sugarless gum or diet soda. (Incidentally, you have ruled out tapeworm, right?)
I dont have tape worm. Also i still have vulvodynia..because it can affect nerves im thinking that its related to my pudenal nerve. Most of the time the gurgling is coming from intestines and anal area
Well, check with your doctor about vulvodynia and the pudendal nerve. Vulvdynia would not cause pudendal-nerve damage. But if you got pudendal nerve damage (say, from childbirth) it might cause vulvodynia. Even so, though, the symptoms of pudendal nerve damage are a sharp or burning pain, more sensitivity in the region, numbness or a pins-and-needles feeling, like when your leg falls asleep, or a swollen feeling. In short, pain and sensitivity, but noise is not mentioned. The list doesn't include gurgling in the intestines. All the material on intestinal gurgles says they come from the digestive process and various foods that are hard for the body to digest.
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