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Itch-Scratch-Itch...uncontrollable labia itch


I've had this uncontrollable itch on my outer labia's for the past 7 years. Everyday I itch, I feel like a freak because I am always scratching (not in public). My labia gets sore from the scratching and I break skin often from scratching. I have tried everthing, but it doesn't go away. I know it's not an STD because I went to the doctor's and have been tested.  However they haven't helped me none.  The labia skin is thickened from the scratching, is very dry (white-like) and flaky (at times).  So are my inner thighs at the crease yet they do not itch that often. There are no bumps but my skin is raised, and I don't know what it is.  I thought about Lichen, but I do not see my vagina changing in that form, like the pictures that I have researched.  Please Please help me figure out what other problems there might be. I have been in the same relationship all this time.  Also, if you know any remedies for the itching, please send my way. I use All Free & Clear laundry detergent, and wash with warm water as I fell needed throughout the day. I also don't get my period often, I tied my tubes in 2003, so I don't take any BC. I am not on any medication.  Just looking for what else might there be...

Thanks, Itchy_Itchy
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Man, I am sorry you are going through this, it must be awful! Have you seen a dermatologist? Maybe it is something fungal? I have been doing some serching around the medical journals and such, but haven't seen anything that resembles your symptoms yet. I will post back if I do.

I know this is a silly and personal question, but are you wearing cotton/breathable undergraments and looser fitting pants? Sometimes that really helps, keeps the air circulating.

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another person question: Do you shave your pubic hair or trim it really really short. I know that when I trim mine really short and the 1-2 times that I have shaved, it got severly itchy until the hair grew back. It was like 2-3 weeks before the itching went away completely.

I know that my legs get really itchy from shaving, so after I shave I put baby oil on them. You might try using baby oil to moisturize the area.
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Okay, I just found some information, but I will leave it up to you to read all of the information : )


"Problems that affect other parts of the body also may affect the vulva. Psoriasis, for instance, is a skin disease that can appear on the vulva as red, thick, scaly patches that may itch.

Vulvar Dystrophy
A vulvar dystrophy is abnormal skin on the vulva. The skin can be too thin (lichen sclerosus), too thick (hyperplasia), or a mixture of both."

I am obviously not a doctor and am in no way diagnosing any conditions, but maybe you could research these further and seek out a dermatologist or a gynecologist with some experience in this area.

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Thanks for the info...I'll check and then reference back what I find.  I do wear only cotton underwear now since reading around I found out that it'll help. I did notice that tight clothing did irritate after I took the clothing off. I would itch bad. I stopped shaving about 2 years ago, because I did notice that I got irritated by it when the hair would start to grow back.  I din't think that it would be connected to a dermatology problem. I do have sensitive skin, I've never tested for allergens or anything.  Well I'm gonna check what you all found and let you know...please let me know if you find anything else! Thanks!
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Psoriasis was what immediately came to mind. My dh has a pretty moderate case on his scalp. He was given a few different topical treatments to help. Maybe they can offer the same for you if this is the case.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

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Well I found some really awesome info out there...thanks for the tip.

It looks like it's vulva dystrophy.  It describes my symptoms and said that it can be linked to Thyroid disorders, and I have a thyroid disorder.  WOW!  The only thing is that it is usually fouund in older women, and I'm not old, but is not uncommon to be found in younger women.  Well it looks like a trip to the Dr is in order here.  At least I have something to walk in with somewhere to start...not just wasting money and all...lol...

Well, I'll post what I find out, hopefully this will work!
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Good luck! Hopefully you will finally be able to find an answer in all of this. I will keep checking back, so if you find out anyhting new, post it here.

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I've been suffering from vulva itching almost all my live from time to time. Like you, I've tried to help myself, I've seen doctor's and use the medicines they gave to me and being very careful about my hygiene but it seems it never worked because the relief was always temporarily.
I've read all the books about it and I reached some conclusions which helped me a lot.
I always wash my vulva with cold water(warm water tends do dry the skin)and I use a moisturizer soap (after trying different brands I've found Dove Beauty Bar very good)
I use a vulva moisturizer every day (I use one from a Spanish laboratory because I only came to this country about 3 months ago, but I'm sure there are something identical here).
I avoid sleeping with my panties on and also to wear jeans or very tight trousers.
I also try not to use daily pantiliners or underwear made of synthetic material.
When the skin is inflamed and the itch is impossible to bear I try not to scratch and I use ice involved in a towel to ease and relieve the discomfort.
I hope this will help you too.
Sorry about my English.
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hey i have the EXACT same problem!!
i am going to see a doctor tomorrow because i thought it was a yeast infection but i have been tested for that before and i didn't have anything. I've have the problem for as long as i can remember..and i did realize that wearing tight clothes makes it worse...but im only 20! all of my clothes are well fitted!..and i realized when i take off the clothes and get into my PJ's the itching is horrible! its always worst in the night...
i don't know what to do!!!
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I, too, have had the same problem. I found that the only thing that will releive it, is simple Hydrocortison cream. It is available most everywhere. After cleaning the area, apply it, it will releive the itch.
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I also have the same problem (since pre-puberty) and have not found anything that works.  My dermo says that it's eczema and I'm currently using a hydrocortisone cream which alleviates the itch temporarily.  I find that it gets worse when I'm stressed and when it's really hot out.  Unfortunately, it's something that's here to stay.  I actually prefer to use a pantyliner everyday as the skin is so sensitive that it either hurts or feels funny rubbing against my panties.  I like the feeling of 'padding' and also, the skin gets raw sometimes and will stick to my panties (sorry for being so graphic!).  It hurts when I take my panties off.  

As the area gets dry & flaky, I'm going to pick up a gentle cleanser that will keep the skin moisturized and will let you know if I find one that helps.  I've tried several before.

Please let us know what your dermo says.  I'd like to see what other options I have as my dermo only recommends the hydrocortisone.
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Just in case anyone is reading this.. i had the same thing, was never diagnosed with anything and i used a topical cream aveeno anti itch. I assume mine is ecxsema (spelling) But i also have psoriasis on my scalp. Good luck to all those itching!! haha.. its very uncomfortable.
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I was so desperate in trying to find out why I have this itch problem. It has been SO VERY SEVERE that I have been to a gynocologist 4 times. Each time hoping they would find SOMETHING!!  They never found anything that would cause that severe of an itch. My outer labia sometimes itch so friggin bad it makes me cry. It sometimes feels like a nerve thing though because sometimes it makes me jump. Does anyone else feel like it's a nerve thing??   I wanted to mention, that not too long ago, my husband was getting cortisone shots in his back, and one of the side affects is itching in his genitals and upper thighs. Somehow it does something to the nerves there, and when he described to me exactly what I feel everytime this itching starts, I literally started crying because he decribed what I couldn't.  His description was this; "it feels like there are bugs under your skin trying to crawl out." It's kind of a tingling sensation too.                                        I have been tormented so very badly over this itching that I swear sometimes I could go crazy!  This itch WAKES me up several times during the night, and gets so bad that I use a hair brush with wire bristles to scratch, leaving myself raw. Problem with that is that when the itching starts again I can barely do anything about it because it hurts to scratch it on raw skin.  I have several tubes of cortizone cream, which provide only temporary relief, and I take Benedryl pretty regular, only to feel very drowsy and have a hard time waking up in the morning.
I don't know if you guys have it this bad, but I sure feel for those of you with ANY itch problem.  If anyone else has this same condition, please write so we can compare notes, ok?
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I've noticed a red bump on my inner labia! I'm totally freaking out!! I'm going to see a doctor but i was wondering if anybody out there has this!! Please help ...any advice??
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I started having this same problem over four months ago. It felt like poison oak had somehow gotten in my underwear. I have been to three doctors, and tried every oc medication on the market, as well as natural medication, and what ever the doctors perscribe. I will get temporary reliefe, and think it is finally going away, and then bam! It's back. I was glad to see I was not alone with this problem. The doctors said my test all came back normal, and they are not sure what I have. I do have a thyroid problem also and take sythroid. I am going to look into this connection. I am also 47 years old, all though my hormone level checked out normal. Keep writing in, maybe we will be able to help each other somehow.
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I've had exactly what you describe for the last 2 years - it's better I believe because of a regiman I've adopted.  First of all I've lost weight - that has helped with pressure on area due to sitting - no matter how loose your pants and underwear are, I believe the pressure is a factor.  Second, I've been using this cream called FreeDerm for the past two months.  Since I've been using that, I haven't woken up between 2 and 3 AM EVERY SINGLE DAY to itch for an hour before I can go back to bed.  I still take 2 dye free benadryl every evening - I'm afraid to stop that.  In addition, I've been going to the tanning salon for 10 minutes once a week - I don't want skin cancer but it has cleared up the eczema on my arms and stomach and I'm hoping on my labia.  My gyne is actually pretty good and after performing two biopsy's says I have lichen sclerosis - complex version - I'm slightly in doubt about that because after 2 years of intense scratching, anyone's skin would be hardened.  

I feel for all of you with these symptoms, nothing the doctors seem to do works and it's easy for them to say 'stop itching' but until they have felt the 'bugs' crawling under their skin night after night....  one thing that has interested me is that I wake up at exactly the same time every night to start to scratch - I'm doing some internet searches on Chinese medicine - they believe that all the organs have a time when they are active - and since skin is our largest organ it makes sense.

Good luck everyone!
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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site. I am 32 years old and have been suffering from vulvar itching for the last 3 years. I have been to about 4 doctors, and still no answer. I have had 4 biopsies, and have had 2 laser surgeries for VIN 11. However, I still have the vulvar itching. I have gone back for another biopsie and nothing was found. I also have a clear discharge (alot) everyday. My labia is always itching, I also feel a very small bump on my libia. My doctor has prescribed creams, allergy pills, but nothing is working. I am so depressed not knowing why I have this ANNOYING itch. It makes me feel like I am dirty. I feel like the doctors think I am making this up. One side of my vulvar is larger then the other, my doctor said the only thing that came back from the last biopsi is inflammation. However, nothing was prescribed. Is it possible if they don't do a biopsie in the right place that they are missing something?

Any advice?

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I posted on this earlier saying I had this problem and that I ha a doctors appointment...i think i love my doctor because what he gave me works like a miracle AND smells good!!!!
the name of the cream is VIADERM KC 1% CR...
its amazing! I used it 4 times a day for a few days and the itch was gone..and if i feel even slightly itchy..which i hardly do..i just apply the cream and its gone!


my doctor even told me that i would feel like a new woman after using this..an i do!!!

i hope this works for all of you..
i just wanted to share this with everyone because i've lived with this problem for as long as i can remember...im only 20! and when i was a kid i refused to wear jeans because that made it worse...
and i dont want to live like that..

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Hi Girls, I am 44 years old and have had this ITCH since I was 18. At the age of 23 I had a biopy and was diagnosed with VULVA DYSTROPHY. I have been on a cream (wich is a compound,and is hard to find.) It is Eurex Cr with Valisone. The big name drug stores don't make it. So I found a mom pop drug store who does compounds. And he mails it once a year. Let me tell you that cream was a life saver . I had tried everything, Differant MD's telling me this and giving me that. That biopsy made life a whole lot better. Now I control it. But, I still have itching till this day. I have learned to live with it. I was told by a MD once "IT is a old lady disease". I really had trouble when I was younger thinking I had to live with this the rest of my life. I have to take that med with me evrytime I go overnight anywhere. The funny thing is 2 of my daughters now have the same itching and white flaky patches. My 19 year old is going to see her MD today with research from the internet on this condition. Believe me a lot of MD's don't know what this is. And dont treat right because they dont know about it.
Good luck
Where can I order this cream?
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Oh my goodness!! I am so glad I stumbled upon this. I was looking up so other things on the internet and I ran onto this link. My questions and prays have been answered. I was wondering what was this itching. It something that recently happened to me. I am only 20 and this has been bothering me for the last 3 months. I would literally scratch myself raw and I could see where the skin was broken. I tried creams and ant-fungal stuff, but the itching continues. Where does this come from? Poor hygiene? Genes? What? Is it contagious? I have so many questions!! I go to the OB/GYN this summer for a check up, I will have to tell him about my conditon. I noticed that my arm was doing the same thing yesterday...the flacking...and I began to think it was some type of skin condition....I do excema and my uncle has psorarsis...so...
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Wow, it's amazing to read all these stories, I too thought I was the only one!
I thought I would share a couple of things that have brought some temporary relief to me - Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Relief cream, it's mild and has lidocaine in it, so the relief is very fast and it's not greasy at all.  Another thing that helped me for a couple of years was taking Oil of Olay's Energy vitamin paks.  I started taking them for energy, but the side effect was a complete rollback of my itching and other symptoms.  However, over the past few months they seemed to have quit working (darn it!), so I'm not sure if that will help anyone else or not.  But it's worth a shot.
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I have been reading everything that is posted about the itching and how no one knows how to treat it.
I have the exact symptoms.  It drives me nuts, especially in public when I cannot itch. I have had it for like 2 or 3 yrs.  I also read online that if you have HPV you can get this.  Well when I was pregnant with my son they told me I had this.  I feel so dirty having that, but I am not a dirty person.  I am glad to hear others have this symptom and can help me out.
I found a lot of helpful information, which I will go to the doctors with.

Thanks again!
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Hello ladies, Today I went to my gynecologist because of a vulvar itch I've been experiencing for two months with no relief.    used over the counter yeast infection remedies to no avail and was prescribed Diflucan by my internist.    Also was prescribed Metrondiazole (antibiotic) and no relief from that.  So went to gynecologist and he said it appears  to be vulvar dystrophy and he started me on two weeks of topical steroids.   I havn't picked it up from the pharmacy yet but am hopeful this will be the answer to my problem.  He wants to see me in 5 weeks and if I've experienced no relief he'll do a biopsy (punch) at the office at that time.    Crossing fingers we don't have to go there.
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I am so glad I have found this website and read some of the comments already on here.  I have been an RN for almost 20 years and have been driving myself almost insane over this same issue.  For about the past 7 years I have also had a bad itch on the outer left labia.  It seems to get worse around my menstrual cycle.  I went to my best friend who is an OBGYN and he assured me that I have no STD's. Thank God.  I am very fussy with my femine hygeine and I have only ever been with two partners and I know in my heart that my husband is faithful to me. I have researched everywhere, i thought and found nothing.  I feel alot better since I have heard this story from other people as well.  Good Luck to all of you and thank you for sharing your comments and possibilities with me.
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