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Itching genitals 14 weeks all STDs negative?

For 14 weeks my anus and vagina have been itching, always in a different place, no particular cycle (although more noticeable when relaxing), no rash or sores. The itching and tingling has also spread elsewhere on my body (back, legs, chest), still no rash!

I was treated for pelvic inflammatory disease 2 months ago with 2 antibiotics (I also went to A&E during this time for the pain)- that was cured.

I have seen 7 doctors, plus about 5 in A&E!
No physical exams showed anything. All STI tests negative twice.

I even got a herpes blood test and diabetes/anemia test at the doctors last week and that was negative.

The gyne at the hospital cannot see any reason for the itching, with also causes vaginal dryness and feels very uncomfortable/sore sometimes.

I quit smoking, exercise regularly and have impeccable hygiene. I even gave up yeast in food for a while and take lots of vitamins now. It can’t be a yeast infection though because that would of shown up on a test by now. Lots of normal treatment for fungal infections completed and 2 types of steroids.

The next step the gyne wants to take is a drug nerve blocker- but isn’t that covering up the problem?

I’m so paranoid about herpes but this is 14 weeks now and no sores. I’m worried because I have headaches with it and this all started half a day after I had sexual contact with a guy. We didn’t have sex because he didn’t have a condom but there was contact before that.

This itching is ruining my life, causing depression, anxiety and is preventing me from getting in a relationship

I also have a toddler I have to be careful around. I can’t have baths with him anymore and have to be so careful about washing my hands when helping him get back to sleep in the middle of the night etc.

He doesn’t have any itching so I’m guessing it isn’t pinworms

I have been a vegetarian for 14 years so could it be a b12 deficiency??

Please help? So paranoid it’s an std but all tests negative I can’t stand this itching!
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Did you get tested for a B12 deficiency? The B vitamins can cause flushes and other reactions, possibly being too low in them can give problems as well. I would also try talking to a counselor about the depression and anxiety. Staying out of relationships and being obsessed that you might have gotten herpes seems a pretty overwrought response to itching; maybe other things are driving the depression and anxiety and those other things are also causing the itching. Finally, are you on any medications? Some meds that seem innocuous (including even some supplements) can cause itching.
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Also, I guess, you could to a tape test yourself to check for pinworms. They definitely are itchy. You don't have to get them from your toddler or spread them to him either, you could have gotten them from somewhere else.
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