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Itchy Painful Bumps on Vaginal Lips

Hi.  I have been very nervous for the past few weeks and think that I may have herpes or HPV (genital warts).  I had skin-to-skin genital contact (no sex, but everything but that -- including him giving me oral) with a guy on Aug. 13th.  On Aug. 22nd, I first started feeling extremely itchy on my vaginal lips and around the entrance to my anus.  This itchiness increased to the point that it was unbearable.  During that time, I tried taking yeast infection meds, but that didn't work.  On Aug. 29th, I noticed 2 large bumps under the skin near my anus.  They were not itching, but were painful only when I pressed on them.  On Aug. 31st, I saw a doctor.  She wasn't sure what it was, but she took a culture for yeast and did a test for STDs.  Both came back negative, BUT the STD test would have been done too soon to detect herpes -- it takes 2-3 months for antibodies to appear in a blood test.  Over the next few days, the itchiness has gotten worse on both my vaginal lips, near my clitoris, and around the entrance to my anus. On September 5th, I noticed several large lumps on my vaginal lips that looked like they were under the skin.  Also, the lips in general looked lumpy and droopy.  Finally, there were also smaller red dots (almost like pimples) that hurt if I pressed down on them.  Also, I noticed 3 or 4 smaller bumps around my anus that could either be hemorrhoids or something else.  I went back to the doctor on September 7th, and she did a culture and found bacterial vaginosis.  She also took a biopsy of one of the bumps to test it for herpes.  Today, September 9th, I noticed that the bumps on my vaginal lips look larger and are now hurting without even pressing on them.  The itching has actually decreased, but now my lips are painful.

I know that I will probably find out in a few days what this is, but I am FREAKING out.  I haven't been able to sleep at all, and I am just so nervous that this is herpes (which I am pretty convinced that it is).  I'm also so upset, because I have never had sex with someone whom I haven't first asked to be tested, and I am generally so careful.  I didn't even have sex this time, we just fooled around.  I mistakenly thought that that was safer than just having sex with a condom.  Now I know that I was wrong.

I really just want a professional medical opinion of what you think this is.  I'm driving myself crazy with constantly Googling pictures of herpes to try to figure out if that is what I have, and I'm getting nowhere (except going nuts).  Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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Did the bumps look like blisters of boils?
Well it's good that your dr did a Swab test, altho the thing that sux is that if you dint get it swabbed early enough you might get a false negative. Did you get a herpes blood test anyway? Just to see that you were atleast negative before the encounter. I have heard that some people cld be positive witg out symptoms, and then years later get symptoms.
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The bumps on the lips look like a lump that is under the skin.  In fact, they're kind of hard to even see except that they are making the lips droop and crinkle in a weird way.  When I run my finger down the lips, I feel them easily, and they are painful when I press on them (and painful when I don't now too).  They look most like a large pimple that is under the skin.  I forgot to mention that when I went to the doctor on Sept. 7, I only had 2 bumps on my vaginal lips.  I noticed two more bumps today.

I did get the herpes blood test (as well as a blood test for all other STDs).  It was negative.  However, if I did get herpes from this encounter, it would have been too early to get a positive.  Prior to Aug. 13th, the last time I was with a guy was 6 months ago, so I know that I was definitely negative prior to this encounter.

I forgot to mention also that there is a tickly/tingling sensation on the vaginal lips that is different from the itchiness I was describing.  While the itchiness has gotten better, the tingling has not.  

I am so scared about this!!!  I can't think about or do anything else...Please let me know what you think.  Thank you!
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I Know how you feel!! I have been battling a yeast infection and BV for 7 months now and I am still not convinced that it's not really herpes!!
I was neg for HSV-2 but by blood test I was positive for HSV-1 (cold sore strain). I'm still terrified that my problems could really be herpes and the BV and yeast come because the herpes is messing with my PH levels!
I've had numerous suspicious things happen that make me believe it's herpes,
I had a tear/cut/raw spot under the hood of my clitoris! I never got it swabbed because the dr was convinced that it was just a cut not herpes, I wish I would have had it swabbed, I was extremely raw and red on the inside of my vaginal lips, I never got that swabbed because I didn't even think about it maybe being herpes at that time, I also had a taste bud looking bump on the inside of my vaginal lips!
I hope in your case that it is just cysts, ive heard that you can get them on your V lips.
I was diagnosed with BV too!!!! The anti biotics helped, but made the yeast worse!
I know how you feel about waiting, I had the taste bud looking bump swabbed and waiting for the results is the worse!!! Altho mine was neg, but the dr said that it says nothing, cuz there is a high rate of False neg.
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I can totally relate.  I know you said you're still nervous even though you were negative for HSV-2, but at least it came back negative.  Also, you only have one raw spot and one bump.  I have numerous bumps.  Plus, the taste bud bum was negative!  That is a very good sign.  The dr said there is a high rate of false negatives for swabbing?  Or for blood tests?

Also, do you know if you got the blood test 2-3 months after you may have been exposed?  If it was that long, then the negative result was probably correct.  My dr said that false negatives only appear when the blood test is taken too soon -- it takes 2-3 months for the body to make antibodies to the virus, which is what the blood test detects.

I also have had recurring yeast infections in the past, so I know how upsetting that can be.  I've never had any other thing, though -- no suspicious marks, bumps, tears, etc.  So that's why I'm so nervous now.  

You said that you've had BV for 7 months?!  Did the antibiotics not work?  I am on the 3rd day now of antibiotics.  I am really hoping they work (and don't give me a yeast infection -- in the past, I've gotten one from antiobiotics).

I have heard about cysts on vaginal lips too, and also swollen lymph nodes, but I don't know how they differ in appearance from herpes.  Do you know?  Also, I read that sometimes herpes can give you swollen lymph nodes on the vaginal lips, so even if they are lymph nodes, it may still be herpes.

I really really think that I have herpes.  A lot of the symptoms that I found online match what I have.  I just am SO upset about it -- I am the least promiscuous and most careful of ANY of my friends.  And I didn't even have sex with this guy who may have given it to me!  I'm also freaking out that I'll never find anyone who will want to have a relationship with me if I have it...ugh, I'm so so so upset.  I haven't told any of my friends because I don't want them to be completely disgusted by me.  So it's been so hard acting like everything is normal, but inside all I'm thinking about is this horrible disease that I probably have.
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I know it's super stressful right now, but keep looking up, check for lymph nodes on your lower abdominan, and upper legs.
Have you asked the guy if he has herpes? You dont need to tell him what your going through if you dont want to, just ask and see what he says.
I had BV and didn't know it until three weeks ago, I was burning constantly! It was horrible! Now the burning is gone but my clotoris feels weird every once in a while!
But that cut under the hood of my clitoris is very suspicious because it's like almost impossible to cut yourself down there, cuz it's hidden under skin you know.
Well my fear is that I got hsv-1 down there!!!! Because it is possible, ive been with my bf for 2 years so I'm fairly certain I don't have HSV 2, but I have a huge possibility that it's hsv-1 since my blood test is positive for hsv1.
I know herpes can come in all different sorts of ways.
Another question did that guy maybe have a cold sore when he went down on you?
I know how you feel, I have been careful about tge guys I sleep with but until recently I was oblivious to the fact that cold sores could become genital herpes! And now I remember all the times I went down on my bf and had vaginal sex right after. And the times my bf when I was 16 went down on me, he had cold sores, but didn't go down on me when a cold sore was present, but just because it's not present doesn't mean you can't get it, it's just harder to get it.
Oh and false neg for swab test, not blood test.
Yeah I waited 4 months from last time I had sex b4 I got a blood test.
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Oh and on top of everything, I now have a white spot under the skin of my clitoris!!!! It hurts sometimes! I'm terrified!
I am seeing an OBGYN on Monday so hopefully she can tell me what she thinks it is.
OH and since your bumps looks like lumps, maybe it could be clogged glands. Or a cyst, look up cysts on vaginal lips.
I was looking up herpes symptoms as well and all it did was freak me out more!!!
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You are so right, it is so super stressful.  It actually is making me feel a little better talking to you though...even though I don't even know you :).  I just have been freaking out for weeks about this and have been keeping it all in.

I did look for swollen lymph nodes in my abdomen and upper legs -- nothing.  Do you know if there are lymph nodes on the vaginal lips?  I don't even know.

I looked up cysts, and what i found seemed to say that they are movable under the skin.  Mine are not.  They are fixed hard lumps under the skin -- like a pimple under the skin.  One of them seemed to have turned into something that looks like a cut.

While we were fooling around, I actually told the guy before we hooked up that I wasn't going to have sex with him until he got tested.  (Stupid me -- fooling around without having sex is probably MORE dangerous than just having sex with a condom!  I feel like such an idiot).  He said that he's gotten tested in the past, and doesn't have anything.  BUT -- 1) I don't even know if he's telling the truth.  I mean, I think he is an honest guy, but I've been out with him 5 times so I really don't even know, and 2) Even if he is telling the truth, I don't know when he was tested.  He could have had sex since then and gotten something.  Or the test could have been a false negative.  I haven't even seen him in the past week, so if this does turn out to be herpes, I have to deal with that uncomfortable phone call to let him know that he probably has it.  UGH!

As for the guy having a cold sore when he went down on me, I have no idea!  I didn't see one, but I guess that doesn't mean that it wasn't there.  Or I guess it could have even been possible for him to give me HSV-1 even if he didn't have an active sore.

At the same time, he and I kissed a lot more than we did anything else, so I prob would have gotten HSV-1 on my mouth if he did have that.  Right?  I'm so confused at this point, I don't even know!

I also didn't know that you could get HSV-1 on the genitals until recently either.  I'm an educated person and think of myself as pretty smart, but I sure have been pretty stupid with all of this!  I have been so careful about not sleeping with a guy until he's been thoroughly tested -- even with a condom -- but at the same time have put myself at risk in so many other ways.  I really feel like an idiot.

I'm glad your BV is finally subsiding.  As for the blood test for HSV-2, it is a really good sign that you waited 4 months to get the blood test.  It is pretty accurate if you wait that long.  Also, swab tests are pretty accurate.

It really doesn't sound like you have the symptoms of HSV-1 either.  From what I've seen, they look like cold sores that you would get on your mouth, only on the genitals.  From what you've said, it doesn't sound like that's what you have.

Since you've had the BV for so long, maybe your clitoris is just irritated from all of that burning.  It really doesn't sound like it is something else.  I'm glad you're seeing the OBGYN on Monday.  You'll hopefully feel better after that.  This is so upsetting because the symptoms for everything are really confusing!!

Btw -- did you have itching with the BV or just burning?  I am wondering if my itching could be due to that or no.
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I know what you mean! I think it's because we don't know eachother that we can feel better talking about it! I feel too tense and weird talking to some one I do know, I think because then you feel judged.
Well right now I'm feeling funny on my clitoris, it scares me cuz it's like a sign when herpes comes up, and when I got that cut I felt weird as well before the cut popped up.
Yeah I've been told that it suppose to look like a cold sore but the thing is I've never had a real cold sore on my lip, I've had a whiteish blister on my lip before so I'm guessing that was the cold sore, and I've had blisters on my ear, so I'm guessing that could also be the cold sores but they never turned yellow, they just looked like a blister you get from friction! So I'm pretty scared!

I hope that it's just irritation but I won't know until I get a neg swab if I get another cut.

Well I had both BV and a yeast infection! So I was both very itchy and burning! I could barley walk at one time! It was horrible! So I'm not sure if BV itches, it could tho, I've read on symptoms of it. Oh and some girl on here went through he'll thinking that it was herpes she had cuts and bumps and itching but it ended up being BV and lichen Sclerosus. So there is hope!
I'm still suffering from a yeast infection so sometimes I'm ok but then other days I'm itchy and unconfortable!
I'm not sure if we have lymph nodes in our v lips I would think that we don't, I looked up where the lymph nodes are and the big ones are on the upper legs, and  l ower abdomen.
Oh and do you feel sick? Sometimes that happens if it were!
See I'm scared because I was sick for a while like three weeks off and on! I had a sore throat and was weak, I was hoping that it was because I was stressing myself out really badly, I won't eat, I lost 10 lbs in three months, which put me at 93lbs!! It's been a rough 7 months.
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You are so right, it is easier bc we don't know each other and don't feel judged.  I had to go to a friend's bday dinner last night and pretend to feel normal, but all I was thinking about was this stuff!!  At least you can talk to your bf about it...I hate not having anyone to talk about it with...

It really sounds just like a small irritation, but you will feel better for sure once you get it swabbed and it comes back negative.

Ugh, that must have been horrible that you had BV and a yeast infection together!  I'm hoping that BV DOES itch, because if not then I will be even more sure that this is herpes.  At this point, I'd be THRILLED to just have BV (and a yeast infection)!

I looked up pictures of lichen sclerosus, and I'm almost positive that I don't have it.  The symptoms are white patches of skin, which I don't have.  (You said that you did, though, right?  Is that possible for you??)

I don't think we have lymph nodes on our vaginal lips either...so now I'm even more upset that this is definitely herpes bumps.  I don't feel very sick, but I have been feeling just an overall fatigue and not great.  I also had a sore throat.  Plus, one of the symptoms is a loss of appetite, which I have had too, but it could be due to stress.  I hear you on losing weight -- when this whole thing started a month ago, I was 105, and in only 4 weeks I'm down to 100.  I never lose weight like that -- I've been 105 on the dot for as long as I can remember...which, of course, is making me even more freaked out!!!

I hope you're able to relax a little and enjoy your Saturday.  I'm going to try to, although that's easier said than done...
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Well I have bad news for myself, I found little white bumps on my skin next to my clitoris... I'm hoping sooooo badly that it's just the yeast stuck in my pores... I'm very itchy!!!  And irritated!!
Yea I have like a white patch under the hood of my clitoris, it came up hurt then the next day didn't hurt then the next day is was almost gone!
I'm still scared... I've stressed out so badly that now I have a cold sore on my lip ugh...
We can only hope for the best!! I want to so badly run to an urgency care and get the bumps swabbed but well last time I asked for a swab test they refused to!!! I was pissed!  I'm seeing an OBGYN Monday tho yey!!!!!! I'm just so scares that she's going to say that it is herpes... I know it's harder to get hsv-1 down there if you already have it facially but it's still not impossible!
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Okay, try not to freak out!  The good news is that it sounds nothing at all like herpes or HPV.  And my OBGYN specifically said that it is almost impossible to get HSV-1 down there if you already have it on your mouth.    

If it's any other STD, you can take an antibiotic and it will eventually be gone!  And if it's just yeast or BV again, the most it will be is very annoying -- it is not a life-long affliction.

I know what you mean about wanting to run to get it looked at now.  (But how could they have refused to swab it last time???!??)

I slept all of 3 hours last night; I can't deal with this!  
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Well I had the white bumps look at, they said it's basically acne down there...ewww... Anyway I also found a red spot on the inside of my vaginal lips!!!!! It was not a bump, when I touched it, it didn't hurt but it was there and I felt uncomfortable over all, the dr looked at it and said that it's unlikely it's herpes... I'm still skeptical, but he looked at my cervix and saw that I am all red and irritated!!!! And it hurt for him to swab the area, he said that he's going to test for everything!!!! Even herpes as I requested!

I know that it's hard to get herpes 1 down there if I have 1 on my face but I did some stupid things when I didn't know that I had hsv1 facially!! I mean I always bit my lip, never thought anything of it, i would go down on past boyfriends without thinking to check if I had a cut on my lip or in my mouth! OMG I hate myself for not knowing!!! My cold sores don't hurt!! They just look like a cut that doesn't heal because the virus is oozing out! Atleast this present cold sore looks that way.

I know I was pisses when the dr refused to do a swab test!!! Atleast this dr was smart and did the test! I won't know the results til wed!!!!! It's going to kill me! I'm so scares and paranoid! I told my bf, he Is supportive but I feel so bad that I have to talk to him about this! He lives far away so we haven't had sex in a long time.

I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight! Ugh

How things with you, getting any better? Are the bumps smaller?
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