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Itchy Vagina Discomfort

Well, I'm not sexually active as in having intercourse but I do do activites like orally and fingering with my boyfriend. I remember on Christmas he had oral sex with me and fingered me til I reached about 3 orgasms. I was slightly sore afterwards but I didn't think it was anything too bad. Like one or couple days afterward I was still sore but he tried fingering me and couldn't get wet. So he basically used a lot of his spit as a lubricant. Ever since then I got really itchy. I always thought it was just because I was sore. But whenever I'm sore it never became this bad because now it's been about 5 days? Now I'm concerned that it was because he used his spit and fingered me? I used to have yeast infection recurringly but I have not had it in about a year or two. Sometimes it can feel like one though so I just used some yeast infection med last night hoping it'd work but it still itches a LOT. Sometimes the itching varies to a little and then too a lot. It usually itches a LOT when I'm washing in the shower. I'm thinking this is a bacterial infection. Sometimes it just feels so bad that I almost feel naucious. Is there anyway you can buy medicine for BV at a store without prescription? I don't like going to the doctor for it and I would have to ask my mom to go. She has visitors staying over here for a while and she might be peeved that I'm making a big deal out of it. Plus I don't want her to know about my sexual activities. :/ I'm just scared and worried. I don't feel like eating or anything. Nice way to start the new year, huh? lol, this really sucks.
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I also want to say that the light discharge (I guess it looked yellowy) had a weird smell to it. This is what makes me think it's bacterial. However, I thought it might have been yeast because of his spit (which I'm guessing could be the cause). It feels like the discharge likes to hide up around the vulva too, which makes it real itchy.
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Itching is usually more a symptom of yeast, but the color and smell does sound more like BV. You definitely need to see your doctor for both a diagnosis and treatment. If you don't want your mom to know, or if she won't take you(!), you can go to Planned Parenthood. If you don't drive, get a friend to take you or use public transportation. But if your concern with your mother is just that she'll think an infection is from sex, it's not - BV and yeast are not sexually transmitted diseases.

I would encourage you to be open with your doctor, though, so that s/he knows what to look for and can advise and educate you as needed :-)
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Yeah, yeast infections and BV dont usually come from sex, only BV if your boyfriend/ mate isnt circumsized....but all you have to do is tell your mom that your not having sex/and she doesnt need to know about your sexual activitys either-just that you are having a problem, its not an STD so she cant say that you are having sex...
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Thanks. I told my mom about it and she gave me all these things for a yeast infection. I'm worried that it's BV, but she looked concerned and wondered how I would get a BV. Like I could only get it from sex or something. :/ Although I know it's not the case. I don't mind being open with a doctor although I'm shy about describing things like my sexual activities. Do you think it would be important to bring it up in a situation like this? It sucks that you only can get things for BV prescribed and it's not like just right there for you to get it. I also have my period right now...would this make it hard to check it out? I'm guessing it is so what should you advise I do. Can I get BV med prescribed to me w/o going through checkup? Right now it feels more like a burning sensation than itching... :/
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The doctor will need to do an exam. I suggest you just make the appt. for after AF is gone. You can call today, but let the nurse know that you are on AF and that you need the appt. for later in the week. If they want to see you in spite of AF then go ahead. It is all about the doctors preference and getting you treated ASAP.
Oh and just print out or get some brochures from the doctors office about your condition to show your mom that it isn't necessarily caused from sexual activity.
No need in being embarrassed to discuss your sexual history with the doc, believe me, he has heard WAY more than you can even imagine, but it is important to make him/her completely aware of everything you have engaged in. It may not seem important to you or you may not see that it has anything to do with your condition, but you never know. The more information the doctor has the better he is able to treat you, not only now, but in the future as well.
You are doing all the right things to take care of yourself. Just keep it up and keep that comunication going with Mom. It will prove to be invaluable.
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Out of curiosity... AF means period?
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yes, "aunt flow" you got it!
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Burning definitely sounds like BV rather than yeast. When I had BV a while back I read quite a bit about it, and apparently BV is the most common cause of vaginitis - not yeast, as I would have thought. You need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, either with or without your mother.
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The doctor's office was closed today and yesterday. :( I didn't really want to make it a big deal to go to the hospitial because of this. I took some med for yeast but none of it seemed to really work as I still felt itchy. I took a half of penicilin just in case it really wasn't BV I wouldn't be taking a lot. At first I thought I felt relief but minutes later it started itching again, perhaps more worse. So I guess it wasn't BV... I retook yeast guard, a drugstore brand, and while it felt uncomfortable for several minutes... REAL BURNING! Ow! I felt better after it was over with. It only itches slightly now. I had used yeast guard before once but didn't use it continously because I wasn't sure if my infection was yeast. Strange. This time it seemed to work a lot better. I'll start using it continously for 7 days and see what happens. I'm hoping for the best! Needs to go away asap! LOL :P I hate having it with my period at the same time.
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No, no, BV isn't treated with penicillin, so that wouldn't have any affect anyway. And besides, there's no way you'd feel immediate relief after taking a pill :-) You don't need emergency care, but you DO need to see a doctor. How old are you? Have you ever had a pelvic exam? If not, this would certainly be the time to start. Generally speaking, you should be getting annual pap smears once you're 18 or sexually active, whichever comes first.

And while you might feel shy about talking about your sexual activity with your doctor, believe me, there isn't a single thing s/he hasn't heard before - and s/he needs to know. S/he will not judge you or criticize you in any way - instead, s/he'll probably (hopefully!) take the time to educate you about your body and safer sex.
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i am towards my first anniversay, but i feel ashamed i dont know the meaning of BV.I also get itching in my vagina after sex.But when i wash it with water it goes.Is this a right way, i need advice from all of you regarding this.At present i have missed my periods i am in my 5 th day.I am not taking any birthcontrols , but following the method given by a gynaeo.i also wanted to know what of meter should i get for testing the pregnancy.please give me the suggestions immediately.

Thank you,

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hi i have an itch inside my vagina and i  noticed some sort of yellowish white colour coming out its grose its the second day and seems to get worse its starting to burn i think from itching it,do u kno what it is?
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