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Itchy rash under breast.

I am 26 years old with no health insurance. I’m going to be showing up at the ER this week in hopes they can help me figure out what’s going on but until then I hope someone has some kind of input for me on here.

Images here of the rash:


I came down down with what I thought may have been the flu. I was congested and slept on and off for 48 hours maybe staying awake for 8 hours in those two days. Then the pain started pains in  my rib cage and center of chest as well as both breasts, armpits, neck, back and random flashes of pain in random places all over my body. I did research on mostly the breast and armpit pain because they worried me the most.. I’ve never had this kind of pain even with PMS and discovered what’s known as inflammatory breast cancer. Spent endless nights for the past week and a half worrying and trying to figure out what’s going on. Then this mark under my right breast came which is the breast I feel the most pain in. It’s odd because it kind of resembles stretch marks which I’m no stranger to but I also don’t remember having them there in that spot and don’t know why they would be a purplish shade and what seems to be a little bump. Also want to add that I work from
Home and therefore only wear a bra a few times a week if at all so it’s not irritation from
that. Sometimes the pain gets worse if I lean my arm on my breast and sometimes it’s just random stabbing pains. Any insight is appreciated, thank you!

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