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I have the mirena iud but I've been feeling pregnancy symptoms. I took three urine test and they came back negative. My boyfriend wants me to take a blood test. I have sore boobs, my feet are swelling up, I feel morning sickness and tired a lot. Any advice on what I should do
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As a mother of 3 I'd listen to your boyfriend.
The blood test is the best way to tell your levels of hcg hormone.
Doesn't take long , and least you'll have a solid answer.

My last period was in mid April. I didn't have my period at all in may. This month in June on Thursday the 23rd, I noticed very light pink spotting when I wipe. It comes and goes. Can that mean I'm pregnant?
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I've had the mirena for a little over a year and I'm having it removed next week. The first couple of months were touch and go but then I really started liking it until now. All 5 times I've been pregnant I knew I was prego by how horrible I felt. I was sick all day, unusually tired and very emotional and my left ovary hurt. I'd think I was dying then remember oh this is what you feel like when your prego and sure enough I would be. Well any way about two months ago right around the year mark I started feeling depressed, anxious, mad and so very tired all at the same time. Then the ovary started cramping then the nausea started. I thought I was going crazy then I remembered this is my usual prego symptoms but a little more intense. How ever I am absolutely NOT pregnant. I know my body I've been having babies for 19 years now and have had several birth control methods in between all my kids. I am 99.9% sure the mirena is causing the intense mock prego symptoms for several weeks out of the month. Do research on how the mirena works. If your not prego and you sure the heck don't want to look and feel like you are all time I'd look into it with your Doc. My doc also believes it's the mirena and I'll be her fourth patient over the last several years have theirs removed for sane reasons.
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